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Participate in the Contest Week

Posted by Spanner at 22:30:12 22-09-2016

As you may be aware, we have the Contest Week taking place this year from Monday 7th to Sunday 13th November. There are opportunities for everyone to take part in the Contest Week - it isn't a closed door environment. So as a result we are looking for people who could provide additional streams, site reviews, hacking workshops and much more. If you have something you can do during the week we want to know so you can do it. In the past people have done things such as music workshops and level design seminars among other things. You don't need to submit a hack to be part of the Contest Week!

To be a part of the Contest Week with whatever you are interested in doing please contact a judge (preferably myself or SuperEgg as we are more hands on with the contest week) with full details and examples (videos, links etc) of previous work.

Streams can be done at any time including when other streams are on, you just need to let us know what times they'll be on and where they will be at so that they can be added to the website. PLEASE NOTE: Providing streams does not make you part of the Media Panel unless you have been specifically asked to be a part of it.