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Results Posted (Finally!)

Posted by Cinossu at 19:34:54 30-08-2014

The contest is over, and the results have now been posted! Sorry for the delay, but real life (as always) gets in the way and I did not have the time during the week to make the trophy banners. They are all done now, and can be grabbed on the Results page for the lucky winners to use as they see fit.

This contest has had its highs and lows, and there are definitely things to look at for next year's, as always. The entire thing is a learning process, both for the entrants and those of us running things as well. While there are still some little bits and pieces remaining to deal with - the Newtrogic High Trophy and the Mini Contest results - this about wraps up this year's contest.

We hope you've all enjoyed it, and stay tuned for information about 2015's!
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Contest Week Day 7 (Sunday) Schedule

Posted by Spanner at 15:36:53 24-08-2014

All Community Trophy judging has now finished, if you forgot to vote, too bad. If you were unable to vote, chances are you were in the Pending Membership or Pending Approval groups, which were disabled from voting due to the vote rigging attempt earlier this week.

If everything goes to plan, the results show will be from 2pm EDT / 7pm BST in MegaGWolf's stream. However, if all judges have not completed their voting, the results show may be delayed or skipped altogether with the results being posted on the site as well as on Sonic Retro and SSRG as normal.
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Contest Week Day 6 (Saturday) Schedule

Posted by Spanner at 05:01:38 23-08-2014

Saturday will be a little quieter and different than the rest of the week, as most streamers have now finished up for the week.

Also, this is the last day you'll be able to vote for the Community Trophies, so get your votes in. The results will be announced on Sunday at 7pm BST / 2pm EDT in MegaGWolf's stream.

● 11am EDT / 4pm BST until 1pm EDT / 6pm BST - amphobius Music Workshop
● 7pm EDT / 12am BST to 9pm EDT / 2am BST - Cobanermani456's Stream
● 9pm EDT / 2am BST to 11pm EDT / 4am BST - Cybernetic Outbreak Private Demo Workshop Display

The schedule may be updated with more events later, so what you see right now may not be everything.
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The Geek Critique

Posted by Spanner at 18:59:03 22-08-2014

The Geek Critique has done a series of three scripted exposés, showing off and, appropriately enough, critiquing nearly all the hacks in the contest. Each one's less than 10 minutes long, and they're a great way to check out everything going on this year.

Read more under the cut!
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Contest Week Day 5 (Friday) Schedule

Posted by Spanner at 04:34:55 22-08-2014

Whilst Thursday brought an announcement concerning something we didn't want to have in the contest, it shouldn't ruin the rest of the week. There's a few more days left to get your votes in for the Community Trophies.

Anyway, here is Friday's schedule which is essentially the last day with most of our regular streaming going on, as if you've been around for SomecallmeJohnny's and MegaGWolf's streams, mostly everything has been played, just some stuff left to go through as well as revisiting some entries worth playing again, depending on what the streamer has in plan. There will still be stuff going on Saturday, and Sunday will be when the results will be announced live, at the moment this is scheduled for 2pm EDT / 7pm BST in MegaGWolf's stream but this can change if needed. If you miss it, the results are always posted here after the show ends.

If you want stuff to look at whilst the streams aren't going on, check out some Hacking Contest reviews from Geek Critique and Tails' Channel.

● 11am EDT / 4pm BST until 2pm EDT / 7pm BST - SomecallmeJohnny Stream
● 2pm EDT / 7pm BST until 4pm EDT / 9pm BST Spanner Stream
● 4pm EDT / 9pm BST until 7pm EDT / 12am BST - MegaGWolf Stream
● 8pm EDT / 1am BST to 10pm EDT / 3am BST - Cobanermani456 and TailsChannel Stream
● 10pm EDT / 3am BST to 12am EDT / 5am BST - Radio Rev
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Vote Inconsistencies

Posted by Cinossu at 01:47:34 22-08-2014

This is not something I enjoy having to make a post about; it has come to our attention that there are some voting inconsistencies and problems. One of the things we aim to do with the Hacking Contest, due to its public voting aspect, is make sure everything is fair and maintained well. Unfortunately, it seems that some people have tried to exploit this system, and as such there have been some changes to the votes.

Some people visiting the Entries pages right now might notice that there are two entries previously on there now missing. They were the World Adventure Packs for Sonic Generations. One of the voting inconsistencies was a large amount of votes for these entries under the same IP addresses; 40 in total, to be precise, and those sharing the IP of the author of the entry in question. As such, they have been pulled from the contest and will be recieving no trophies and not be elligible for any either.

There have been a number of other inconsistencies along these lines - multiple votes by the same IP address, cross-accounts, etc. - that we will be investigating over the next few hours and during tomorrow. Those caught will have their votes removed at the least, and possible banning from voting in this contest and possibly from participating at all in future contests as well.

Come on guys, are we really stooping to rigging a hacking contest that is done for fun and enjoyment? This is meant to be about showing off what we all can do, and having a little fun with our opinions while we're at it. There really is no need to do this.
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Mini-Contest Three

Posted by Super Egg at 09:43:15 21-08-2014

Morning folks. Today's mini-contest had a tiny issue. Because of this hitch, we have decided to let you have extended Cinossu has just said....

I'm sorry for being late folks, I dozed off while writing this post, then woke up realizing I never hit enter. Anyways though, the next contest info is up on the Mini-Contest tab, just click it.

Today's challenge is "Rocking SYZ," so I am excited to hear what you guys come up with. Y'all already blew me away with the Marble Zone layouts, so this should be interesting.

Anyways folks, I'm headed for bed. Like I said, you can submit this in the regular mini-contest page by just hitting the tab normally. If you need to submit your GHZ on Fire work, which I hope you lot do, hit Marc's link below my post or hit it the little warning band that is above the screen in the main Mini-Contest page.

- FilipinoWaylon26 out

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Mini-Contest Day 2 Glitch; Whoops! Our bad!

Posted by Cinossu at 08:34:31 21-08-2014

For any that tried to enter the GHZ mini-contest and only got the MZ form, our bad. Code got reverted that was not meant to have been.

The issue has been fixed now, and as such the timeline has been extended a little to get all your entries in. Click here to go to the Day 2 page and enter!
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Contest Week Day 4 (Thursday) Schedule

Posted by Spanner at 04:45:28 21-08-2014

If you're wanting something else to look at in addition to this year's contest entries, why not have a look at the Sonic 2 Auto Demo Prototype for the Game Gear, which was just released after recently being dumped alongside a few other games. The contents of that game are already being looked into, which seems to contain some secrets not playable until now.

On the Community Trophy voting side, once more something needs to be addressed. People have been voting for the Lava Reef Community Trophy (best level layouts in a hack) two Sonic Generations mods that are pretty much the DLC levels from Sonic Unleashed. They're not exactly new, so essentially they wouldn't really be something to vote for that trophy. Remember, you can still change your vote to something that actually has had new level edits done to it, vote for what you think is the best submission in terms of level design.

The contest staff do look at what has worked and what doesn't work during the week in order to improve things for next year, so issues that have been found this year, along with stuff that could be worth doing next time, will be looked at and discussed in order to better the contest as a whole.

● 11am EDT / 4pm BST until 2pm EDT / 7pm BST - SomecallmeJohnny Stream
● 2pm EDT / 7pm BST until 4pm EDT / 9pm BST - Sonic Paradox Stream
● 4pm EDT / 9pm BST until 7pm EDT / 12am BST - MegaGWolf Stream
● 8pm EDT / 1am BST to 10pm EDT / 3am BST - TailsChannel and Cobanermani456 Stream
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Second Day Rap up and Mini-Contest Two

Posted by Super Egg at 07:39:40 20-08-2014

And this post neatly wraps up the Second day of the SHC. Seems today still started with a rocky start, but with a contest of this magnitude, it is bound to happen. I will say today has been just as exciting as yesterday and I hope tomorrow brings just as much fun.

On that note, as of 11:30 PST, we have exactly 6 entries for the mini-contest. I know that doesn't sound like much, but that is definitely a jump from last year's, which I can't seem to remember how that went down because of how messy that was. On that note, thanks to Cinossu, we now have a specific section dedicated to just the Mini-Contest. So go there for Day Two's Contest information.

As a quick side note, after talking to Dandaman955 earlier, I realized my time zone table that I had hyperlinked in my initial post was more or less messed up in a few places, namely as I had gotten every time from GST and beyond off by two hours. So, I take full responsibility, and thus why the deadline is now exactly 12 hours for this Mini-Contest only, as opposed to 11 hours. And yes, I fixed the table, so it is now accurate...hopefully.

Anyways, night y'all. I've gotta get some shut eye for tomorrow, as I am gonna be looking at those Mini-Contest hacks in the morning.

- NotKevinCole out
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Contest Week Day 3 (Wednesday) Schedule

Posted by Spanner at 05:47:27 20-08-2014

Despite some issues this week things are going well. The mini contest for Wednesday will be posted by SuperEgg later on.

● 11am EDT / 4pm BST until 2pm EDT / 7pm BST - SomecallmeJohnny Stream
● 2pm EDT / 7pm BST until 4pm EDT / 9pm BST - Spanner Stream
● 4pm EDT / 9pm BST until 7pm EDT / 12am BST - MegaGWolf Stream
● 8pm EDT / 1am BST to 10pm EDT / 3am BST - TailsChannel Stream
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Concerning Sonic 1: Back to the Future

Posted by Spanner at 22:38:52 19-08-2014

It has come to attention that this entry was uploaded wrongly and as a result a vanilla upload of Sonic 1 was provided instead of what it should be. As it cannot be judged by anyone properly and it is too late to provide an fixed version, this entry has been pulled from the contest.
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Mini Hacking Contests Are A Thing Again!

Posted by Super Egg at 08:06:41 19-08-2014

Ok folks. That just about raps up the first day of the Sonic Hacking Contest. I have to say that was probably even better than last year's. We had three streams AND RadioRev, all the while having our site crash again, second time in a row, I swear, you people either love Sonic Hacks, or our Media Panel stabbing themselves in the eyes after playing GHZ so many times, which leads into what I'm really here to talk about.....


That's right folks, we are bringing back the Mini Hacking Contests, and everyone is invited!

Click Here to find out more about how to enter and for Today's Mini-Contest!

Well folks, that is all she wrote. Get crackin people, I expect to see some great stuff by tomorrow morning =P

- SuperEgg (and Cinossu!) out
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Contest Week Day 2 (Tuesday) News and Schedule

Posted by Spanner at 04:23:07 19-08-2014

First of all, an important thing to mention concerning the Community Trophies. We had the same issue with this last year and we had to address it just to remind people, so we'll need to do it again as people are still doing it. Read the About page and the section concerning Trophies. You'll see a short explanation for each trophy. Now that you'll see that, you can understand that not everything can go in each trophy, or you are being confused about stuff.

For example, the Big Community Trophy is for the worst hack. It's not about a hack that features Big the Cat, unless you think that Big's Fishing Derby is the worst hack out of everything there. We have a trophy for a hack with Big in it - the Froggy Trophy, and obviously we can easily say it has won that trophy uncontested. Likewise, the D.A. Garden Trophy concerns the best music in an entry. STH2006 Project Demo 3 would not exactly fit this trophy as it's essentially untouched music from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 implemented into Sonic Generations as a Sonic 06 in Generations mod.

Anyway, here is the schedule for Tuesday.
● 11am EDT / 4pm BST until 2pm EDT / 7pm BST - SomecallmeJohnny Stream
● 2pm EDT / 7pm BST until 4pm EDT / 9pm BST - Donnie Stream
● 4pm EDT / 9pm BST until 7pm EDT / 12am BST - MegaGWolf Stream
● 7pm EDT / 12am BST to 10pm EDT / 3am BST - Sega Channel Retro Stream
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Sorry about the bumpy ride!

Posted by Cinossu at 18:04:40 18-08-2014

Right, now that everything is (mostly) sorted.. welcome back!

Sorry about the bumpy road, but you all killed the site. Again. And it wasn't even one day this time. You're all awesome.

Keep tight, as we have a few little fixes remaining (the Stream page is broken for live/viewer count notification) and some other niceties as well.

As always, enjoy!
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Entries Viewable, Streams Available, Voting Enabled!

Posted by Cinossu at 08:33:07 18-08-2014

I am pleased to announce the contest week is now live! All public and partial-private entries are viewable, the Stream page is complete and working, and Voting once you are logged in on Community Trophies is a-go!

I'll save all the usual gumpf about how long it took to get everything ready, all the teamwork that went in to organising things for this, blah blah blah, and just say, have fun. :U
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Contest Week Day 1 (Monday 18th)

Posted by Spanner at 04:40:33 18-08-2014

It's the first day of the Contest Week which means that you can finally download the entries, play them and vote in the Community Trophies.

We have four streams organised today, so click on the Streams page when it's time for them.
11am EDT / 4pm BST until 2pm EDT / 7pm BST - SomecallmeJohnny Stream
2pm EDT / 7pm BST until 4pm EDT / 9pm BST - Spanner Stream
4pm EDT / 9pm BST until 7pm EDT / 12am BST - MegaGWolf Stream
8pm EDT / 1am BST to 9pm EDT / 2am BST - Radio Rev
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Contest Week - Monday 18th August to Sunday 24th August

Posted by Spanner at 20:06:57 07-08-2014

The deadline for entries to be updated is now over. Now, the judges will review all the submitted entries in the contest.

You may notice there's a wait between the deadline expiring and the public availability of hacks. This is for two reasons. First, this allows the judges a good amount of time (well over a week) to go through the entries, review them and allocate trophies - this generally takes more than a week and in the past nothing has been finalised until the weekend of the Contest Week. Each judge will nominate a entry for whatever trophies they feel deserves it - the trophy is allocated through majority vote. There are measures in place to deal with ties.

Secondly, one of the biggest features of the Contest Week are the live streams and reviews that will be done by a number of people such as SomeCallMeJohnny, MegaGWolf, Cobanermani456, Geek Critique, Tails' Channel and Sega Retro Channel. Right now, there is a big charity streaming event going on that some people are involved in, which goes into next week as well. To allow the Media Panel to go through the hacks and prepare for reviews and live streams in advance (which some will obviously be recorded and published during the Contest Week), we decided not to have it go on during the charity event, otherwise the Contest Week would have been earlier. There will be other events going on during the week, but these will be announced later on.

So this should clear up any issues some people have had such as thinking that the entries will now be public when in actual fact they aren't until the 18th.
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Almost Extra Time Over! Editing Entries About To Close!

Posted by Cinossu at 00:45:05 07-08-2014

Right guys, it's nearly 1am BST here. That means I'm off to bed, and in the morning around 7-8am BST we cut off editing existing entries. Why this time? To cover as many timezones as possible.

We have had a spectacular turn-out this year, but I'll let the others go into it more. If you have any further editing, you better make it quick! Remember to double-check that your entry is marked Public or Partial-Private, as we won't be accepting any Unfinished entries after the cut-off!

Time for me to go and upload the final versions entries. Ciao for now. :U
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Time Over! New Entries Closed Off!

Posted by Cinossu at 08:29:09 31-07-2014

Thaaaaat's it folks! New entries (and new teams) are now closed off! Those of you who got an entry started in time, remember you now have an additional week to get your entry up to snuff and set completed as either Public or Partial Private, or else it will not be eligible for voting on. Also remember to request Media reviewing for your Partial Private entries should you wish it; this will mean it will possibly be shown in streams, reviews, etc, but the ROM itself will not be made public. If you just wish judges to see the ROM, and the only thing public being the screenshots, videos and description you provide, then you don't have to do anything more.

We have almost [i]double[/i] the number of entries in total this year than we did last, so it has been an absolutely brilliant turn out. I am very much looking forward to playing what everyone has come up with this time.

I wish everyone who has entered the best of luck in the contest!
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One Day Remaining to Submit to the Contest

Posted by Spanner at 00:38:27 30-07-2014

This post is giving a warning of at least 24 hours to submit to the Hacking Contest - if you want to take part, please submit something as soon as possible - entries after Thursday 31st July at 12am BST cannot be guaranteed, but the deadline may be extended by a few hours to accommodate other time zones.

Remember that you have an additional week to refine your entry into something that will be judged as only the final submission is assessed by the judges and played by our media team. If you have a Partial Private entry, it will not be looked at by the media team unless you request it.
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Submission Deadline - Thursday 31st July at 12am

Posted by Spanner at 04:17:10 24-07-2014

As of this post you have a week left to enter something into the Hacking Contest if you want to be a part of it - no late entries will be accepted.

Remember you have a week after that to finish up any updates you want to make, the judges will look at your final entry.

It's also worth noting that this year we do have a bunch of people who will be streaming the entries as well as uploading reviews (more information on that will be posted at some point) - anyone who submits a Partial Private entry but wants video coverage should contact a judge so that is arranged.
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Welcome, once again!

Posted by Cinossu at 22:46:44 03-07-2014

Welcome, one and all, to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2014! The website is finally live now that I've had the time to be able to finish it, again; real life seems to get in the way every time, y'know?

A brief introduction on the changes; this year we're controlling everything through this website again, from submitting entries, to viewing entries, to the voting process itself. You need to log in with either your Sonic Retro or SSRG Forum account in order to submit an entry, vote or comment, but just to view you can stay logged out.

:: Read more after the cut ::
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