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Sonic Hacking Contest 2014 Announced!

Posted by Spanner at 17:26:46 01-12-2013

That's right, we're doing it all again in 2014.

The website will be updated at some point to accommodate the next contest and we'll let you know when you can submit your entries.

Until then, check the forum threads at Sonic Retro and Sonic Stuff Research Group for more information.
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The Contest is Officially Over!

Posted by Spanner at 21:08:45 18-08-2013

To check out this year's winners, click on Results at the top!

Thank you to everyone for taking part in this year's contest - definitely one of the best we've had for quite a while to be honest. I would like to thank our judges who worked hard on getting these entries judged as quickly as possible - Cinossu, D.A. Garden, MegaGWolf, Mercury, Shadow Fire and SuperEgg along with myself. It is also thanks to Cinossu for providing the website used for the contest along with the graphics made for this event. Thanks to MegaGWolf and SomecallmeJohnny for their streams, they were very popular and it's something we'll definitely have to return for next year's contest. Also thanks to DalekSam, Donnie, Dude, Erika, GeneHF, MarkeyJester, Reverie, SeanieB along with many others for their help and support to keep the contest week running as smoothly as possible. I'd also like to thank Ayla for helping get this contest set up, unfortunately personal issues had prevented her from being able to participate in the contest but I'm sure she will be happy to see that the contest went well even without her being around.

And now this year's contest has officially come to a close. We'll be reviewing this year's contest to see what worked and if anything needs to be changed for our next contest, you'll see a thread about that near the end of this year. Thanks for participating!
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Sunday's Schedule - The Results Show

Posted by Spanner at 10:19:25 18-08-2013

Please join us for the results show on MegaGWolf's stream as we announce this year's winners of the Hacking Contest from 7pm BST / 2pm EST.

The Results page with this year's winners will be available after the stream has ended.
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Community Voting Closed, Results to be Posted

Posted by Cinossu at 07:24:58 18-08-2013

Hey everyone!

You've all cast your votes, the results are being tallied for both your Community Trophy choices as well as the main Trophy judging itself (that's right, the judging is done in time as well this year! it's a miracle!), and you shall all find out the results later on in the results podcast that Spanner will talk about in a news post on today's events some time after this one. Once that's over, the results will be up in the previously-closed off Results section.

We've had a number of hiccups this year, but then we always do when something new is being implemented. I'd like to thank you all for your patience and participation, and hope to see you all next year where it'll just get even better.

As always, enjoy!
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Saturday's Events

Posted by Spanner at 10:27:55 17-08-2013

Please note that this is the LAST DAY for Community Trophy voting.

-4pm BST / 11am EST to 6pm BST / 1pm EST - DalekSam SMPS Import Workshop
-6pm BST / 1pm EST to 7pm BST / 2pm EST - Spanner Stream (Part 1: Making up from last night's early finish)
-7pm BST / 2pm EST to 9pm BST / 4pm EST - MegaGWolf Stream
-9pm BST / 4pm EST to 11pm BST / 6pm EST - Spanner Stream (Part 2)
-11pm BST / 6pm EST to 12am BST / 7pm EST - Radio Rev: Hacking Contest Edition

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Friday's Events

Posted by Spanner at 10:22:39 16-08-2013

Only a few more days left but there's still stuff to do. Remember that you can STILL vote for the Community Trophies!

-7pm BST / 2pm EST to 9pm BST / 4pm EST - MegaGWolf Stream
-9pm BST / 4pm EST to 11pm BST / 6pm EST - Spanner Stream
-11pm BST / 6pm EST to 12am BST / 7pm EST - Radio Rev: Hacking Contest Edition
-1am BST / 8pm EST to 3am BST / 10pm EST - SomecallmeJohnny Stream

I intend to do a stream of myself tonight and tomorrow, basically showing off a selection of entries (no Generations mods due since my computer will probably shit itself). There will be commentary from the usual podcast people too. Once again I have to remind people to behave in the stream chats as it's getting to a point where if you are found doing something that you have been told countless times not to do, it's not just a timeout you'll receive, if you are a repeat offender, you're banned. Stop asking streamers to play this hack or that hack, if it's not in the hacking contest, IT WILL NOT BE PLAYED. END OF. I won't tolerate the same shitposting from the MegaGWolf and SomecallmeJohnny streams so if you do the same shit you have done there, you're gone. We're here to watch the entries be played, not ask countless times for Sonic 2 XL to be played or mentioning something.exe / OF DOOM. YOU'RE NOT FUNNY. YOU NEVER WERE.
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Wednesday's Ups and Downs

Posted by FilipinoWaylon26 at 08:42:23 16-08-2013

Today, and honestly the whole week, I have been more or less in and out of the activities due to me being in the final week of Statistics, and thus needing to study. Though I've been like a revolving door, I have been paying attention of what has been going on, and I am quite glad that everybody here is having a good time. I am glad there are so many people enjoying the hacks. Most importantly, I am glad there are so many people coming to site, watching or even making their own streams. That makes me happy, and it shows that this year we have been blessed with good fortune.

That doesn't excuse what happened today.

I get out of taking my Stat's final and check out the top secret judges Skype group where we all hang out with high priced bitches and snort cocaine in a manner like similar to 19th century gentlemen. Of course while this is all happening, we all sip a fine glass of brandy with a bit of scotch mixed.....

*Quick note: I've been instructed to swerve from the profanity on posts like this, but there is no way I can express my true feelings being nice. So, be warned.

Read more under the cut!
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Thursday's Podcast - Also check out The Geek Critque

Posted by Spanner at 23:35:39 15-08-2013

If you weren't around for today's live podcast, it's been uploaded already.

Also, there's much more stuff out there if you want to see more videos of the hacks. The Geek Critique does what they say on the tin...critique this year's entries. They've already done a bunch of the entries already and they intend to release two videos every day. Check out their stuff as it is released, here's one of the videos, look at their channel for more reviews:

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A Message from GearStrike; Re: MegaGWolf's Stream

Posted by Cinossu at 21:30:34 15-08-2013

Hey Guys; not such a happy post this time, we have a message from one of the Moderators of MegaGWolf's twitch stream. Some things happened tonight that do not reflect well on you guys; remember, these guys have kindly given their time for streaming (and moderating) your hacks and for you to watch. I won't go into it further myself apart from one further thing; tomorrow, please behave and follow their rules. It's not rocket science. Without further ado, here's the message:

"Hello there, my name is GearStrike. I'm one of the moderators for MegaGWolf's chat. This week is very exciting, week since there are so many entries to the contest and there's been a lot of cool stuff. However, I've noticed something in the chats these past few days, and that's the absolute amount of disrespect towards not just other chatters and mods, but to the broadcasters themselves.

This sort of behavior is absolutely disrespectful and I'm absolutely disappointed with how people decided to handle the chats and the rules. This type of behavior is incredibly uncalled for and really shows the worst side of the community as a whole. I'm happy to help moderate chats and make everything go smoothly for everyone so people can enjoy the hacks and broadcasters. This week though in particular, has been a massive headache and incredibly well...Bad. The constant stream of in-joke spam, constant demands to play games, and the overall toxic speech I've seen in these chats has been absolutely dumbfounding.

I honestly want to apologize for G for not moderating as much as I should have, as well to those I may have snapped at who have done no wrong. I'm thankful for G for streaming these and I'm quite happy to see people willing to respect the chats and broadcasters. However for those who continue to disrespect the broadcaster/mods/chatters, this is not tolerable. I honestly hope that as this week goes, things get better and people gain a bit more respect for folks in the streams and the community. I have seen some great people out of these streams and those who are more than willing to respect the communities, and to those people, you have my thanks.

Thank you for your time and I hope things improve as this week goes."

Until next news post, see you all around.
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Thursday's Events - Daily Contests Cancelled

Posted by Spanner at 10:19:14 15-08-2013

Today's events:
-7pm BST / 2pm EST to 9pm BST / 4pm EST - MegaGWolf Stream
-9pm BST / 4pm EST to 11pm BST / 6pm EST - Hacking Contest Podcast
-11pm BST / 6pm EST to 12am BST / 7pm EST - Radio Rev: Hacking Contest Edition
-1am BST / 8pm EST to 3am BST / 10pm EST - SomecallmeJohnny Stream

Due to a very low turnout we have cancelled the Daily Contest. Feel free to use whatever you did with your own projects. The Big Trophy is still running.
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About Community Trophy Voting

Posted by Spanner at 11:54:18 14-08-2013

We're offering you the opportunity to vote for your favourite hacks for the Community Trophies - the awards that are awarded by you. Unfortunately, there have been some voting in trophies where the hack would not qualify for it. Obviously this was a mistake on our end for ensuring that you could only vote for the hacks that fit that category, but here's what we mean.

- An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack does not meet the criteria of the Windy Valley Trophy as it does not have completely new level art.
- Sonic 1 CD Remake would not be best for the D.A. Garden Trophy seeing as the music is really just "arranged" versions of music from the original game. The hacks behind this on the voting, The S Factor and Metal Sonic Overdrive, have brand new music and would fit the voting better.

You can still change your vote if you want. If you voted for an entry that doesn't suit that trophy, award your vote to something that does.
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Wednesday's Events and Daily Contest

Posted by Spanner at 10:06:50 14-08-2013

If you weren't around for the podcast, you can listen to it here

Today's Events:
- 7pm BST / 2pm EST to 9pm BST / 4pm EST - MegaGWolf Stream
- 10pm BST / 5pm EST to 12:30am BST / 7:30pm EST - Sonic Paradox Stream
- 11pm BST / 6pm EST to 12am BST / 7pm EST - Radio Rev: Hacking Contest Edition
- 1am BST / 8pm EST to 3am BST / 10pm EST - SomecallmeJohnny Stream

The Daily Contests haven't exactly had a good turnout but I guess that's my fault for choosing a level that needs further work done to it after you split a disassembly. Today's round however is Music. Make up a SMPS import of pretty much anything you want that would fit the level and send it in. You can only send in one entry so make it good and you have to keep to the constraints of the Sonic 1 Sound Driver which includes only using the original DAC and nothing extra. Your import may be in BIN or ASM format (just include s1smps2asm in the disassembly, it's fine). The disassembly used for this week is here.

- Email your submission to shc[@]sonicresearch[.]org. You need to upload the complete disassembly that we provided you so that we have the content to be transferred over to the disassembly where all the winning entries will be.
- It would be appreciated if your subject name was “Wednesday Entry” for example so we can keep track easily.
- The results will be announced during the Contest Results Podcast on Sunday with the ROM being available for download soon after.
- We ask that you work on content exclusive to this submission and not whatever you have lying around in a hack you haven't submitted this year for example. We want to see how much you can do in the time provided.
- You must submit your entries by Thursday 3am BST (Wednesday 10PM EST). No late entries will be accepted!
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First Day Contest Progress and Stream Vids

Posted by FilipinoWaylon26 at 17:01:44 13-08-2013

Howdy folks, sorry if this sounds late. I fell asleep before I could post it.

It seems that the Opening day of the Sonic Hacking Contest has been successful. Actually, more than successful, it has been a record breaker. It seems a lot of you folks have noted the site being down, and I bet a lot of you are wondering why. It is actually because of the traffic we got overloaded the server it was on. That's right, we had so many people come and look at our little contest that the server couldn't handle it. Now that is impressive it I do say so myself. The site was down that way we could move it to a more suitable server, which is the one that SSRG is being hosted on. So like I said, congrats on that.

Read more under the cut!
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Tuesday's Events and Daily Contest

Posted by Spanner at 15:24:01 13-08-2013

It's been a busy week so far and we've only just begun. Now that the server issues are resolved here is what the schedule is for today.

First of all, Monday's podcast is now available to listen to.

7pm BST / 2pm EST to 9pm BST / 4pm EST - MegaGWolf Stream
9pm BST / 4pm EST to 11pm BST / 6pm EST - Hacking Contest Podcast (server only online at this time, link will not work before then unless server is on for testing)
1am BST / 8pm EST to 3am BST / 10pm EST - SomecallmeJohnny Stream

Daily Contest
On the first daily contest, we asked you to do a level layout for Green Hill Zone. We only got one entry. So we're going to give you another chance to make a layout as well as take part in the new daily contest - making new level art. To take part, download this disassembly if you haven't already as we'll be using that throughout the week.

We want you to re-imagine Green Hill Zone, give us your take on what it should look like (how it looks is completely up to you). We ask that you work with the level chunks provided in the original to provide compatibility with the winning level layouts.

- Email your submission to shc[@]sonicresearch[.]org. You need to upload the complete disassembly that we provided you so that we have the content to be transferred over to the disassembly where all the winning entries will be.
- It would be appreciated if your subject name was “Tuesday Entry” for example so we can keep track easily. Obviously if it was Wednesday's entry, it'd be “Wednesday Entry”. State in the email if it's only the level layout you did, level art or both!
- The results will be announced during the Contest Results Podcast on Sunday with the ROM being available for download soon after.
- We ask that you work on content exclusive to this submission and not whatever you have lying around in a hack you haven't submitted this year for example. We want to see how much you can do in the time provided.
- You must submit your entries by Wednesday 3am BST (Tuesday 10PM EST). No late entries will be accepted!
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Oh boy! Site Downtime!

Posted by Cinossu at 13:33:57 13-08-2013

Hey everyone! Sorry about the hiatus last night and this morning; you guys are all so numerous that my web hosting provider, in the simplest of terms, just said "nope." and stopped the site existing on their server. Thankfully this was done by renaming the public\_html folder for the subdomain and nothing else, else we might've been in more trouble(!)

Anywho, things are now working again for the most part. Any warnings, errors or bugs that you come across please let us know immediately; the set up is different to last time, so things may still need fixing.

As always, enjoy!
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Some Fixes - Oh and get on IRC

Posted by Spanner at 13:47:59 12-08-2013

If you downloaded the Daily Contest Disassembly and had issues with editing GHZ in SonED2 well good news, I forgot that I had to do that file combining thing so the disassembly has been reuploaded. Everything is now working fine.

The link now works for Classic Sonic in Sonic 4 Episode 2, so if you wanted to play that earlier but can't, well you can now.

Also, if you're someone who uses IRC, come join us at #hackingcontest on If you are in #retro and #ssrg well come in here as well, it's only an extra channel.
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The Hacking Contest Week Challenge

Posted by Spanner at 10:52:32 12-08-2013

In addition to the Daily Contests, here is a challenge if you wish to accept it.

Make the long-awaited dream come true...

Read more under the cut!
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Monday's Events and Daily Contest

Posted by Spanner at 10:47:39 12-08-2013

Now that the contest week is officially open, the fun begins!

During the week there will be streams, in both audio and video form! There may be more events added as the week goes on.

Today's Events:
- 6pm BST / 1pm BST to 7pm BST / 2pm EST: Radio Rev - Hacking Contest Edition
- 7pm BST / 2pm BST to 9pm BST / 4pm EST: MegaGWolf's Stream
- 9pm BST / 4pm EST to 11pm BST / 6pm EST: Hacking Contest Live Podcast - Opening Ceremony
- 1am BST / 8pm EST to 3am BST / 10pm EST: SomecallmeJohnny's Stream (NOTE: may start later than advertised time and end later due to a prior commitment by SomecallmeJohhny on this day)

Daily Contest
This week we are giving everyone (not just Sonic Retro and SSRG members) the chance to work on a hack, the winning entries will be compiled into a download that will be available at the end of the week. To take part, download this Sonic 1 disassembly. Every day there will be a different round, and today's round is Level Editing. We want you to edit an act of Green Hill Zone. We intend to have three winning entries that will become Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3 of this hack. To make things fair for other people we only ask that you edit one act only. This may be used as a different Act that the one you made for, depending on what the Judges go for. The winning entries will be announced on Sunday's Results Podcast.

To submit, email in your entry (preferably the subject should be "Monday Entry") to shc at sonicresearch dot org (replace "at" and "dot" with "@" and ".") with the disassembly we provided included as an attachment. We ask that you only submit something you have made today and not what you have lying around spare. The deadline for this round will be 11pm BST / 6pm EST tonight - no late entries will be accepted!
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Sonic Hacking Contest Week 2013 Opens!

Posted by Cinossu at 08:38:11 12-08-2013

Hello all! As of about 2 minutes after this entry has been posted, the main fun of the SHC begins; Entries that are set to be visible to all become visible to all, Downloads meant to be available become available, and you get to have your say on what people have up with by both Commenting on said entries and voting for them on the available Community Trophies!

You will notice some new sections available at the top. Voting will take you to a page showing all community trophies and the current status of their results in real-time; please read what is said at the top and do not use these as an indicator on what you should vote for, vote for what you want to see win the trophy. Streams will take you to a page with all available streams running during this Contest Week; both MegaGWolf's and SomeCallMeJohnny's streams, as well as a radio stream section (the latter will be up later today).

The login system is also now open to all member groups bar Misfit/Exile, meaning everyone gets their say. Please do note we will be moderating everything to a great degree, as well as able to track and ban all those who abuse the system in place. It may also end up with your ban on the respective forum you have logged in from in the first place.

Spanner will post later on today with more information about the Contest Week itself and events running throughout, but for now everyone get stuck in and enjoy!
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Sonic Hacking Contest Week 2013

Posted by Spanner at 19:33:44 09-08-2013

So, about that Contest Week...

It'll be taking place from next Monday (12th August) to Sunday 18th August. You'll get a chance to download the public entries, discuss them and vote for the Community Trophies. You will need either a Sonic Retro or SSRG account to vote, if you have both, then only use one as we don't want any vote rigging to take place by people using both accounts to vote for the same thing. Everything will be on the SHC website, which is here!

Read more under the cut!
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Entry Editing Closed Yesterday - Confusion over Public Viewing

Posted by Cinossu at 08:27:08 09-08-2013

Hey everyone! I would've posted this yesterday, but work was stupid-busy. Real life gets in the way again. D: Entry editing finished yesterday. Unless you have a very, very good reason, this is it. All over. No changes. Nada.

There appears to also be some confusion about public viewing of entries not being enabled yet; my understanding of the schedule was that public viewing would occur at the same time as Contest Week, of which Spanner will talk more about in a news post after this. If this is in error, well, I'll amend this post and all public and partial-private entries will become viewable at the flick of a switch. :P

That said, one thing I have noticed on the forums is people posting their entries publicly already. While we obviously can't stop you, we'd all prefer if you wouldn't do this next time and left it for the actual public viewing on the site, here. This site becomes somewhat useless for public voting and viewing if you're all just going to post them elsewhere, after all.

Aaaand that's all for today. Another day of work for me.
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New Entry Submission Closed! One Week Remaining For Edits and Changes!

Posted by Cinossu at 08:35:30 01-08-2013

Aaaaaaand that's it. New entry submissions are now closed, with a total of 38 entries in this year's contest! Those of you with entries, you now have until 8th August 7am BST (GMT+1) to finish and get them complete anymore than you already have if you so wish. Any entries left in an Incomplete state at that point will not be able to be edited out of it.

(If you have exceptional circumstances and a very good excusereason, we may allow you a new entry during this week. But, it will have a be a very, very good reason. No "I forgot"s. Plus, you better have everything ready to go straight away; description, images/videos, ROM. No "I need the remaining week to make edits still", you're already coming in late.)

Those of you with entries, good luck. Those of you without, get ready in a week's time for the Public Viewing and the Community Voting!
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T-Minus 7 Hours for New Entry Submission

Posted by Cinossu at 00:09:19 01-08-2013

You have just under 7 hours to get new entries in. This includes placeholders.

I am off to bed for the night, and when I awaken, at 7am, new entries shall be disabled. If you want to enter this contest, this is your final warning about getting something there, even if it's just clicking on the button in the first place for a placeholder.

Do it now. Do it sooner.

Good luck, and good night!
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New Entry Submission Deadline Approaching! Get Your Entries In!

Posted by Cinossu at 10:45:27 30-07-2013

Hey everyone; just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day you can Add a New Entry to the contest.

We will be disabling new entries at 7am 1st August BST (GMT+1) to allow for all you American-types in weird timezones to get your entries in, but it would be much better just to create a placeholder now by just clicking on the "Add a New Entry" button, even if in the end you don't end up submitting anything.

Read more about the deadlines under the cut!
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Submissions Deadline - Less Than a Week Remaining!

Posted by Spanner at 23:18:46 25-07-2013

You have just under a week left to submit for this year's hacking contest. Submissions will no longer be accepted on Wednesday 31st July.

If you don't want to be disappointed because you ended up putting in a late entry (which aren't accepted), submit your hack now. Once the time is up, you won't be able to add a new entry at all, but you will still be able to edit existing entries for a further week. Even if you just leave it as a blank entry for now (we have a good number like that already), reserve the entry spot else you'll be all out of luck.
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Two Weeks Remaining for Submissions

Posted by Spanner at 14:52:20 17-07-2013

Just a reminder that you have two weeks to submit your entries to the Hacking Contest. After that you'll have one week to update these entries.

If you have a problem where you are having issues with submitting your entry, let us know and it will be fixed. If you are not a full member of Sonic Retro or SSRG and would like to submit, contact a judge and we'll sort it out for you.
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Hidden Palace Trophy - Now with Prizes

Posted by Spanner at 22:23:18 02-07-2013

We have had a few contests where prizes for the winner of the Hidden Palace Trophy were going to happen but unfortunately due to circumstances they were not able to be given.

This year, however, will be different. Why is that? Well you can read more after the cut and find out.

:: Read more after the cut ::
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Posted by Cinossu at 22:08:03 22-06-2013

Welcome, one and all, to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2013! The website is finally live now that I've had the time to be able to finish it; the words at the bottom of the About section are accurate not just for you guys(!)

A brief introduction on here; this year we're controlling everything through this website, from submitting entries, to viewing entries, to the voting process itself. You need to log in with either your Sonic Retro or SSRG Forum account in order to submit an entry, vote or comment, but just to view you can stay logged out.

:: Read more after the cut ::
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So, It's Contest Time...

Posted by SuperEgg at 21:12:00 22-06-2013

In the past, this contest has had some of the most interesting hacks. We've seen some great ones like Sonic Megamix and Sonic Boom, and of course we've seen some less than......likable hacks. Knowingly, this year's contest will be no different, but as usual, we will carry on.

But unlike contests before, this year's probably going to be the best one since this damn event was created and established back in the 1890's.


Hot Dog, free booze and cocaine. Hell yea......I, and if we were, then you'd know where all the judges would be.

But in all seriousness, this year's contest will be the best because the fact that everything that could be done to make this contest the best around, has been done. In typical fashion, let me make a checklist...

:: Read more after the cut ::
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Sonic Hacking Contest Contest Week 2013 - Monday 12th August to Sunday 18th August

Posted by Spanner at 20:46:26 22-06-2013

For two years we have been running a contest week where you get the chance to download the hacks in the contest and vote on separate Community Trophies. This year we'll be continuing this, although we are running it separately from SAGE this time.

:: Read more after the cut ::
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