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Big's Fishing Derby

By flamewing

Updated on Oct 9.

After taking last year's contest by storm, here is a vastly improved Big's Fishing Derby. Changes include:

* 14 brand new levels, and many old ones improved!

* all new single-player game modes: race against the clock 'time attack', battle bosses, limited lives and increasing difficulty on 'arcade mode', or just chill on 'zen mode'.

* many new multiplayer options: play random levels, or play them in sequence, or play a 'best X out of Y' game.

* amazing new music by Ivan IO, Nineko, Spanner, S\_T\_D and ValleyBell.

* amazing new Big by E-122-Psi.

* rebalanced powerup probabilities, and a brand new shield powerup.

A historical note: since last contest, I became aware that this hack has been widely claimed to be a hack of Sonic 1 (even on Retro's own Wiki, which has been fixed). This is incorrect: it was based on Sonic Classic Heroes, which was based on Sonic 2. If in this day and age you insist on distributing IPS patches (I have seen it done), at least patch the correct game: Sonic Classic Heroes. Or, if you must, Sonic 2.

If you like this hack, please vote for it. But not for the Big trophy, unless you really think this is the worst hack overall.

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Big's Fishing Derby (flamewing)
Filesize: 420.9kb
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