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Contest Update

Posted by Spanner at 03:17:02 03-11-2016

Our judges have been working through this year's entries for the last few weeks and our Media Panel have been preparing their stuff for the Contest Week too. As the Contest Week quickly approaches, here are a few things to note:

● On Saturday, we will open our official Discord Server to the public. Aside from the forum threads, this will be the only place to chat about this year's contest, there is no IRC Channel this year.
● Also on Saturday we should be able to reveal our streaming lineup for this year. Just like previous years, there will be various streams taking place during the day and night.
● I am intending on doing a stream this Sunday which showcases hacks that have been entered in previous years. It will take place from 7pm GMT / 2pm EST.
● There will be a Mini Contest during the Contest Week, for anyone considering working on something during the week. Find out what it entails this Monday.

Oh and for all the social media nutjobs out there, we have a Facebook and Twitter for you to get involved with. Don't ask us why it took this long for these pages to surface.