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Updates Deadline Over - List of Submissions in This Year's Contest

Posted by Spanner at 21:13:12 17-10-2016

Okay, that's it, the updates deadline is over. If you did not mark your entry as something other than Incomplete, your hack is no longer part of the contest and won't be judged. As always, here is the list of entries this year, all entries will be available to play on the Contest Week from Monday 7th to Sunday 13th November.

All entries have been designated Public meaning that everyone will be able to download all of the hacks in this year's contest:

• 137E0 Action 1 Steak by LuigiXHero
• Apotos Unleashed Pack by tuanpingas
• Beta Windy Valley (Sonic Lost World) by SonicOtakuSNG
• Blue Potato the Mcdonalds by Blue Potato
• Doctor Robotnik's Plan B (REV01) by Painto
• Donnie The Chao Special Edition by Team Overload
• Eggmanland for Sonic Generations by NeKit
• Ivysaur in Sonic 2 by Pacguy
• Knuckles’ Emerald Hunt by MainMemory
• Lose Tails Or Else by GT Koopa
• Metal Sonic Lost World by Joe T.E.
• Pantufa the Cat – Extended Edition by VAdaPEGA
• Pepsi in Sonic 1 by Unlimited Trees
• Pikachu the Mouse by Team Overload
• Robotnik Returns 2 by Pacguy
• Roya Rockwood's Sonic Mega Collection by Royameadow
• SADX Character Select Mod by MainMemory and SonicFreak94
• SADX Mirror Mode by Morph
• Socket the Hedgeduck by GenesisDoes
• Sonic 1 – Warped World by Team Overload
• Sonic 1: Mania Edition by Baraksha
• Sonic 1: Sonic CD Edition by Animemaster
• Sonic 1 Back to South Island by HyperSonic16
• Sonic 1 Dream Eater by Team Overload
• Sonic 1 NAC Tiny Verison by Joshwoakes
• Sonic 1: Reverse Curse by Campbellsonic
• Sonic 2 – 2 Player Madness by Joshwoakes
• Sonic 2 ReMastered by MrCat
• Sonic 2 UMZ by Trinitronity
• Sonic 3 and Blue Knuckles by Blind\\\_Jack
• Sonic 3 and Knuckles: Chaotix Edition by Jdpense
• Sonic 4 in 1 by Natsumi
• Sonic Back 2 The Future by Animemaster
• Sonic Bash! v2 by redhotsonic
• Sonic Chaos Quest v2.0 by Narcologer
• Sonic Frenzy by SteamPoweredPixel
• Sonic Generations – Sonic Colors – Game Land Act 1 Demo by JoeyLaw
• Sonic Halloween by CamManS5
• Sonic Labyrinth 2 by Team Overload
• Sonic Lost World – Green Grove Zone by Knuxfan24
• Sonic Next Genesis by ProjectFm
• Sonic Pocket Winter by ValleyBell and VAdaPEGA
• Sonic the Hedgehog & Ashuro by Ashuro
• Sonic XE by Team XE
• Sonic: Scorched Quest by Team Painto
• Sonic: Time Twister by Team Overload
• Sonic: Virtual Adventure by Ladego Team
• Tails Adventure LX by lordxernom
• Tails Adventures for Über Players by Bakayote
• The Radikal Ralakimus Hack Pack (WOW!) - Volume 1 by Ralakimus & Bakayote
• Unlimited Trees by Unlimited Trees
• Untitled Sonic 1 Hack by jubbalub
• Urban Action: Royan Vacation '16 by Royameadow
• White Sonic in SK (Sonic 3 Part 2) by Joshwoakes

There will be opportunities to work on mini-hacks during the Contest Week and you might find a special hack shown during the Contest Week streams, but unlike the rest you won't be able to vote for it.


apgrenus (Posted at 17:01:38 02-11-2016)
I'm still trying to get in contact with someone in order to livestream the entries. Can anyone lead me to someone who I can talk to in order to livestream these? Please and thanks in advance!

SonicOtakuSNG (Posted at 17:42:45 25-10-2016)
Excited to be part of the contest this year!

Eduardo Knuckles (Posted at 02:26:59 24-10-2016)
Awesome! I dunno if I'll be able to watch the streams in time this year. I'm anxious, though.

Painto (Posted at 21:13:55 22-10-2016)
>want to be a part of the contest
>don't even read the "About" page

Sonicthehedgehogfan123 (Posted at 20:14:01 22-10-2016)
WTF is a tails trophy?

Trinitronity (Posted at 19:30:53 22-10-2016)
BTW, my two hacks are Pikachu the Mouse and Sonic 2 UMZ, in case anyone was wondering.

Painto (Posted at 16:29:54 22-10-2016)
Nope :P

A-S-H (Posted at 02:30:48 22-10-2016)
Sorry everyone, but that Tails trophy now belongs to ME!!!

Sonicthehedgehogfan123 (Posted at 10:11:55 21-10-2016)
You didn't include mine :(

Painto (Posted at 21:49:23 20-10-2016)

Narcologer (Posted at 18:45:43 19-10-2016)
No, jubbalub, Tails Trophy is mine!

FireRat (Posted at 03:37:29 18-10-2016)
Cutscenes Trophy? C5 trophy? Why not Special Effects trophy???

jubbalub (Posted at 03:36:14 18-10-2016)
Still hoping for that Tails trophy. Good luck everyone!

Blue Potato (Posted at 03:24:29 18-10-2016)
Yay, I am in the list

HyperSonic16 (Posted at 23:25:48 17-10-2016)
All these hacks sound very interesting. Good luck to everyone!!!

Painto (Posted at 23:19:15 17-10-2016)
my haxors are on the list, yey