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Posted by Spanner at 16:09:29 13-11-2016

One of our people on the Media Panel, sonicyoda of, has made a few videos this week discussing some of the Hacking Contest entries this year.

1. 137E0 Action 1 Steak, Blue Potato the Mcdonalds, Donnie The Chao Special Edition
2. Dr. Robotnik's Plan B, Ivysaur in Sonic 2, Knuckles' Emerald Hunt
3. Lose Tails Or Else, Pantufa the Cat - Extended Edition, Pepsi in Sonic 1
4. Pikachu the Mouse, Robotnik Returns 2, Socket the Hedgeduck
5. Sonic: Scorched Quest, Sonic: Time Twister, Sonic: Virtual Adventure
6. Sonic 1 : Mania Edition, Sonic 1: Reverse Curse, Sonic 1 : Sonic CD Edition


sonicyoda (Posted at 15:04:11 14-11-2016)
Hmmm... website keeps adding a \ to the URL. Basically, remove the \ before \_w

sonicyoda (Posted at 15:03:20 14-11-2016)
Correct link to 5th round-up video:\_w

Eduardo Knuckles (Posted at 17:37:15 13-11-2016)
For some reason, the 5th link is redirecting to the Youtube's main page.