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Vote Rigging

Posted by LazloPsylus at 05:47:01 12-11-2016

Alright, so due to some suspicious spikes in voting, I did some queries and found something I don't like seeing. Apparently at least one entity has been making duplicate accounts and stacking votes for some community trophies. I'm going to say this once as a warning: If we find people trying to rig the community trophies, they're earning instant bans. If we see that an entry keeps getting artificially boosted by these bad votes, the entry will be disqualified. You try to fuck with a fair system, punishments will be dealt severely.


Ashuro (Posted at 10:56:39 13-11-2016)
I hope you will find this "entity".

Chaotix (Posted at 10:53:31 12-11-2016)
Come on guys.... :/

Painto (Posted at 08:34:50 12-11-2016)
Holy fuck, one of my craziest predictions was true :0