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MINI CONTEST 2016: Scrap Brain Act 1 - Layout From Scratch!

Posted by Spanner at 04:45:18 08-11-2016

Sorry about the delay, the disassembly we're using for this required a few things done to it before we could roll with this.

So basically, a lot of the judges feel that in regards to level layouts, some people are just half-assing them by using the original layout and then modifying bits and pieces of it. This mini contest is a challenge to anyone who wants to take part in it - create a new level layout of Scrap Brain Zone Act 1 FROM SCRATCH!

If you want to take part, you must use this disassembly provided here. The level layout of Scrap Brain Zone Act 1 has been completely wiped, so you'll have a blank canvas to work with. You must only edit the level layout and nothing else in this mini contest entry.

For those asking about editing chunks, we would prefer you to use the original chunks, as we feel that SBZ has everything you need, but if you absolutely NEED to add a new chunk, feel free.

You have until Saturday at 6am GMT / 12am EST (midnight) / 9pm PST (Friday) to submit your finished work consisting of the edited disassembly to shc[@]sonicresearch[.]org (remove the square brackets). The judges will evaluate the entries during the day on Saturday and we will announce a winner on the Results Show on Sunday.


mlg vvv (Posted at 10:32:14 12-11-2016)
i cant enter because im in limbo heres the download link:

mlg vvv (Posted at 08:33:57 12-11-2016)
challege acepted

D.A. Garden (Posted at 11:59:11 11-11-2016)
I can tell you now that creating a layout from scratch in 4 days is hard. Creating a good layout in 4 days is even harder. Still, I'm intrigued as to what you get from this.

B. Casais (Posted at 20:08:42 08-11-2016)
I will try.