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Posted by Cinossu at 21:47:10 11-09-2016

Another year, another hacking contest. Welcome, one and all! Despite changes on both the Retro and SSRG sides of their forum integrations - visible or not - both will still work here, so you do not need to worry. I'm sure other judges will post something other than me, so I shall leave this one short. I look forward to seeing what entries appear in this year's contest, as always!


InTheZone (Posted at 03:35:09 31-10-2016)
just a few days left

InTheZone (Posted at 03:34:52 31-10-2016)
just a few days left!

mlg vvv (Posted at 22:02:44 14-10-2016)
cant wait for this year!

Sonicthehedgehogfan123 (Posted at 18:38:02 05-10-2016)
I have two hacks that I made an I will share them here:

HorriblePerson (Posted at 00:15:30 29-09-2016)
I have another hack, but I might not be able to enter it because it is still in development

Trinitronity (Posted at 16:43:48 25-09-2016)
brb entering this contest with 2 hacks instead

Plus, I'm involved in a third hack as well, so there's that.

Pacguy (Posted at 19:25:41 22-09-2016)
I had no cool ideas until immediately after the site went up. Now I have no time to add them :I

Painto (Posted at 08:23:54 22-09-2016)
Totally participating. Not full version though :C

Ralakimus (Posted at 04:01:05 21-09-2016)
There may be a chance that an entry will come from a team I'm in...

Gemini2003 (Posted at 23:07:53 18-09-2016)
I'm collaborating with a friend (and Barak if I need ASM help, haha) to make something for this year's SHC.

NeoFusionBox (Posted at 19:19:35 17-09-2016)
Sadly I won't join this (unless if I maybe submit a miin-hack but I doubt with). Then what I can say is, good lucky to everyone and can't wait to play this year's hack.

Hope to play some nice Sonic 3 & Knuckles hacks though!

InTheZone (Posted at 01:08:50 15-09-2016)
I'm excited. Hope I see new entries this year. I hope the entries are going to be better than fangames.

HyperSonic16 (Posted at 05:05:13 14-09-2016)
Ive been waiting all year for the contest! Good Luck Everyone!!!

Unlimited Trees (Posted at 01:44:21 14-09-2016)
I'm really excited for this year. I can't wait to see people react to the 2 entries I have in store. I'm also excited to play everyone else's entries.

CaveQuest (Posted at 20:47:21 13-09-2016)
Finally a year when I join. :D Cannot wait to see what everyone else got in store.

apgrenus (Posted at 19:20:22 13-09-2016)
I was wondering if there was any way if I could get a hold of someone to discuss livestreaming the Sonic Hacking Contest this year?

MopeDude (Posted at 19:18:33 13-09-2016)
I know what you are up to Cinossu...


Trinitronity (Posted at 08:32:21 13-09-2016)
FireRat: Oh hi, Anthony Higgs!

Warning: Only Metroid fans will get that joke.

JoenickROS (Posted at 05:30:00 13-09-2016)
Not participating this time, good luck everyone else, I may be back next year though.

FireRat (Posted at 23:45:26 12-09-2016)
Any chances for a "Remember Me?" fucntion?

sewer56lol (Posted at 21:55:36 12-09-2016)
I'll wait till next year :P, looking forward to the other guys. Bring SHC2016 home!

MrCat (Posted at 17:37:43 12-09-2016)
Totally participating!

Trinitronity (Posted at 14:05:50 12-09-2016)
Man, I'm entering my first SHC...I'm so excited!!!

isawthelastdinosaur (Posted at 01:19:04 12-09-2016)
Really excited for the contest always a good time when this shows up (also i'll get to use my account sense i got denied from the forum)

jubbalub (Posted at 00:56:41 12-09-2016)
Super excited to see what people have in store to this year.

I'm expecting a Harambe hack, guys.

Baraksha (Posted at 00:14:14 12-09-2016)
first time I ever got to log in to an SHC website, feels good to finally take part in it.

DwhitetheGamer (Posted at 23:48:45 11-09-2016)
Meep. I can't wait for this!