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UnFair Sonic One V2.00

By joshwoakesm

Hack Description:
“So have you ever thought to your self that sonic 1 is too easy for you?. what if the difficulty was increased to the point were it is just unfair?.”

Unfair sonic one is a hack were the difficultly has been increased to the point were it is just unfair and is designed to frustrate you and make you rage by including dick moves, sneaky traps, annoying and hard to solve puzzles and trolling in kaizo style and of cause a 4 minute time limit. With Gimmicks such as trying to kill an enemy will instantly kill you no matter what and hitting a Monitor will kill you aswell. Along with Edited\remixed music, Changed title cards, Edited level layout, edited special stage rotational speeds for up\down blocks and layouts and plus 2 unseen extra Sneaky traps placed randomly in some of the levels.

The Game’s Features:

- Selection screen: allows you to select weather you want to start with collecting all 6 chaos emeralds or to jump straight to normal levels

- Ultra Hard mode: a mode you are only allowed to move left and right by jumping and your are unable to pause the game and if you die once game over.

Game Control lists:

Basic Ingame (standard mode) controls:
Left = move left on ground and mid air, right = move right on ground and mid air, A = jump, B = Jump, C = Jump, Up = lookup\Pan camera up, Down = dock\pan camera down, holding right or left and pressing down = roll, start = pause\unpause

Ingame (Ultra hard mode) Controls:
C = jump, Right = move right in mid air, left = move left in mid air

Controls on title screen:
Start = Goto selection Screen, A = Activate UTRLA HARD MODE

Selection screen controls: Start = game in mode, up and down = move\change selection up or down, A = jump to sound test selection, B+start (at same time) = Play sound in sound test

That's all for now. have fun trying to beat the game!

- Software\tools made by users:
Tools (Main: level editing) - SonLVL - MainMemory
Tools (Main: Title card text editing) - Text Generator S1 - Selbi

- Other Software\tools
Tools(main: asm editing) Notepad++

- Making of the hack Help and support:
Special Thanks to KosmoF for help during beta testing

Screenshots & Videos


UnFair Sonic One V2.00 (joshwoakesm)
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