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Tails Eggman's Sonic Simulator


Cannon Story:
Sonic and Tails were enjoying a relaxing moment after an exhilarating day under a tree, when all of a sudden Tails jolts and runs off not knowing what he was up to Sonic runs after him when all the sudden he notices that he is a different shade of blue and wearing green shoes, So Sonic thinks that Eggman is doing something evil again and that he is the one behind Tails’ wild outburst. When Sonic found Eggman he began to explain to sonic his own dilemma and was begging Sonic to stop Tails from reactivating his old bases, but sonic could still see the evil twinkle in Eggman’s glasses. So now Sonic must stop Tails from Activating Eggman’s base to the Death Egg. Will sonic be able to Stop Tails, his own best friend? Is This the Convoluted plan By Eggman? What will happen? Also Watch out for some of Dr. Eggman's Traps.

Note: Check your Control Set-UP.
C= Jump
A=Speed Up (A.K.A Run Button
Down + B/=Spindash
Up +B= Super Peelout
C in midair= JumpDash/Homing attack

Cheat codes:
Level Select: Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, A-Start
Debug Mod: Level Select every other is C

Level Order*
Purple Luigi Zone has illegal Instruction at end

Shelbi= Sonic Text Generator
Mercury= Sonic 1 Special Stage Editor
Music=MrIE, nineko
Playtest= MrIE
Story= MrIE

Preferred Set-UP:
Kega Fusion /w Video Filter hqx4

*All Level Can Be Played

Screenshots & Videos


Tails Eggman's Sonic Simulator (MrIE)
Filesize: 471.1kb
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