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Sonic 3 and Knuckles Time Travel

By Jdpense

Here is my S3K Time Travel hack.

The Features:

- New menu screen (WIP)
- The ability to time travel like in SCD (ofc)

Playable levels:

- HCZ 1

The objective:
Just like in SCD, time travel back into the past, find both generators (in the first two acts of each zone) and destroy them in order to bring a good future.

How to time travel:
Hit one of the time travel posts, then hit the nearest checkpoint. Then you will see the stars orbiting around the checkpoint.
Then jump into the checkpoint stars to go into the time period, according to the time post you hitted.

Note: This is subjected to change in a later update.

Extra info:
If you want restart the level, incase if you missed the generator, just pause the game and press A,B, or C.

Note: This will cost you one life.

- Stealth for SonEd2 (newest version)
- Xerowhirl for SonMaped
- Flamewing for the improved S3k Sound Driver

Note: Only HCZ 1 is playable for right now.
Note: After you select your character, you will go on to the "Save Data" screen. Just press start to continue the game.

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic 3 and Knuckles Time Travel (Jdpense)
Filesize: 2,287.2kb
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