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Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Pro Survivor

By Galaxy Blast-X

Hi there people of SHC! It's me again, returning with my hack.

First of all:
For who didn't know, Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Pro Survivor it's an palette and layout hack; the point on this one it's to have a extra difficult and hard layout (though fair), with some improved gimmicks.

In the last year, I wasn't very happy with the state of the hack, so this one I decided to give it a better effort and polish everything with my best effort (with new content, of course)!
Unfortunately, it's still just a demo and not a full version. So the 5 only levels available are:
Angel Island Zone, Hydrocity Zone Act 1, Ice Cap Zone, Flying Battery Zone and Sandopolis Zone (unfortunately too, AIZ and ICZ2 isn't ready yet for Knuckles, so I hope you understand).

Also, has a new Main Menu and a New mode (up to you unlock), and in the future will have more features.

Now let's go to the credits.


Hack Author, Layout and Level Design:



Music (SMPS Ports):
*Eduardo Knuckles - MIDIs porting

Beta Testers:
*Eduardo Knuckles
*Painto Maniak

Test on Real Hardware:

Special Stage Layout:
*Painto Maniak

Other Credit
*Flamewing - Flamewing Sounddrive / Error Code Generator
*Stealth - SonED2 / Sonic 3 & Knuckles Disassembly
*MainMemory - SonLVL
*ValleyBell - SMPS2ASM /MID2SMPS / SMPS Research Pack
And for who all did others programs for hacking..

Special Thanks:
*Electroball - Porting original ROM into Disassembly

Thanks for all support and the big help with fixes or something else for the hack!

And damn, thank you for playing this piece of hack, have fun!

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Pro Survivor (Galaxy Blast-X)
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