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Tropical Resort All in One Remastered

By brianuuu

This is a fan-made project which imports all Tropical Resort stages from Sonic Colors Wii version into Sonic Generations on PC. This project aims to port the stages as similar to the original game as possible, like gimmicks, object placement etc.. It also includes level layout changes which accommodate to the limited Wisps in Sonic Generations (Spikes and Rocket).

*Twelve Stages (Act 1 - Act 6) for both Classic Sonic AND Modern Sonic port from the original game, custom object placements, layout improvements.
*Tropical Resort HUB world, also include the soothing music fomr Sonic Colors HUB.
*Red Rings are collectible in all stages, they can earn you skills just like the original game.
*FxPipeline renderer included with the mod, enable it in SonicGMI to have nicer graphical effects (RECOMMENDED).
*Time to get S-rank has been edited, the time isn't the same as original Sonic Generations.

This mod is compatible with other character mods, especially Colors Ultimate Pack by me too, this demo supports Colors Ultimate Pack v2.0 or above.
Just to make sure if you want to use Colors Ultimate Pack you MUST put it higher priority in SonicGMI.
The latest version of Colors Ultimate Pack can be downloaded at the release video too.
Or here, version 2.0:

Importing stages from other games are NOT that easy, from geometry, GIA, splines, to placing every single objects are started from stretch, we hope you enjoy this mod. Our door of giving suggestions is wide open, feel free to give feedback to us, we appreciate a lot.

Make sure to read the README for more detail and how to extract properly.
-------------------------HOW TO INSTALL-------------------------
Extract to Sonic Generations ROOT folder, NOT mods folder.

Refer to my youtube channel for more information and updates.

Mod developer - brianuuuSonic
SonicGlvl - samothethief
Spline Exporter - Dude
Skybox Tutorial - YellowThunder1712
Camera Fixing method in HUB World - TailsMilesPrower888
Uv-anim tools - Paraxade0
Stage testing - joeylaw123
Colors original GIA/animation tutorial - SKmaric
EggPawn Animation fix - SonicHero2491
Quick Step SFX fix - xan1242, N69

Screenshots & Videos


Tropical Resort All in One Remastered (brianuuu)
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