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Sonic 1 - Return to Homeland

By Team LordXernom

Hello Everyone! This is my first hack: Sonic 1: Return to Homeland. This hack features new levels, new art, new music and text editing. It's not spectacular, but I hope you like it. ;)

Sonic 1: Return to Homeland takes place between the events of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. Sonic is returning to South Island to check the Flickies are alright. But Dr. Robotnik is still capturing them, so Sonic must stop him.

Homeland Zone - Green Hill Zone after Ice Age is more warm and tropical.
Linear Design Zone - Marble Zone under construction after Ice Age. Just hold right button to win and sometimes jump to avoid spikes, badniks and cold lava (after Ice Age Marble Zone is more colder)
Fuck This Zone - Zone of despair, doom and rage quit. Dr. Robotnik decided to change Spring Yard Zone into nightmare fuel to avenge his previous failed plan to capture all Flickies. Goodluck. ;)
Utopia Zone - Congratulations! You've beaten Fuck This Zone, so I give you special gift, this zone is Labyrinth Zone after Ice Age, but extremely easy and relaxing. :D ;)
Dream City Zone - Star Light Zone under construction and more pink/purpe. Act 1 is absolutely custom and Act 2 and 3 is small edited.
Suicidal Base Zone - Scrap Brain Zone under construction and literally scrapped, because Dr. Robotnik is actually busy building Metropolis Zone and this zone actually have no rings, glitched foreground and... Goodluck, just be careful, where you stepping your feet. ;)
Same Shit Zone - Same Final Boss, because I know nothing about making custom bosses, but this zone have custom art and music and after that you see custom ending and credits. ;)

Special Thanks goes to: AmatuerSonicHacker for help (he is my friend and without him I will probably give up with my hack, because I had a few problems), Selbi, ValleyBell, Esrael, Stealth for programs to hacking classic Sonic games and Oerg866 for peaceful music for Fuck This Zone (I love this song, so I used this to my hack ;) ) and you for playing this shitty hack. :P :D ;)

P. S. - Oddly in my entry every gameplay video I've uploaded doesn't work so I give a link here:\_E

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Sonic 1 - Return to Homeland (Team LordXernom)
Filesize: 388.4kb
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