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S3K Special Stage Rebirth

By SteamPoweredPixel

Right after sonic 3 and knuckles, robotnik uses the power collected from the master emerald to rewind time. Now sonic must go through angel island again, with one difference. Robotnik has configured the special stages to be a bit more tricky.

S3K Special Stage Rebirth re-configures the special stages to not only be different, but very unique. Each stage is designed to have its own "flavor", so if you don't enjoy one, move on. Each of the stages from S3 and K have all be configured. Remember, using debug mode, each special stage can be accessed by messing with the sound test (tutorials online).

These stages are very different from the originals and have had a lot of though put into them. One or two I do not consider up to standard and will change. I personally feel the knuckles/super emerald stages to be the best.

Each Stage
The stages play best if you follow the path that most will clearly present. Some however are not as straight forward, it should be obvious which is which.

Each stage has a gimmik of some sort, so it is best to go in blind and not read ahead if you don't want it spoiled.

01 - A spiral from hell. Make your way around a loop filled with traps.
02 - Fairly easy, until you realize you're creating yourself a maze.
03 - 4 different mini stages.
04 - Its like snake but with jumping.
05 - This stage is fairly standard but still fun.
06 - Squares.
07 - Secret, shhhhhh...

08 - Jump!
09 - Follow the path and loop over and over.
10 - 4 Way to go back (My personal favorite)
11 - Backwards is forwards?
12 - Where will the spring take you next?
13 - *ping* *pong* *ping*
14 - Bit of everything!

Note that the secret special stage for 3 is an Easter egg hidden in plain sight. The knuckles secret special stage however is not complete and may be changed in future.

*I had many technical difficulties doing this with the advanced software's (SonED2 ect), so decided to do something unique yet simple.
*Feedback is wanted, I am willing to scrap entire stages if they are not considered as fun as others.

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S3K Special Stage Rebirth (SteamPoweredPixel)
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