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Sonic The Hedgehog : Sonic CD Edition

By Animemaster

So this has been a long time coming, but I think I am ready to finally release my Sonic 1 hack I have been working on, on and off for years now. Sonic the hedgehog: Sonic CD Edition or Sonic 1: Sonic CD Edition for short is pretty much what you think it is, with some of my own ideas and changes to make it feel a bit more fresh. Technically this is a mini hack or at least what I always planned to be with 3 zones plus a secret zone. Why did I do such a hack? really simple. I like Sonic CD, I wanted to try my own time travel idea and here we are.

Sonic CD moves - Super Peelout, CD style Spindash
Sonic CD Camera
Time Travel Via Lampposts
New art for GHZ and LZ (SLZ is Stardust Speedway), including past and present and future
Good and bad future palettes
New Layouts
Enemies are now Sonic CD enemies.
New bosses including Metal Sonic
Emeralds are now Time Stones (You can time travel with at least one)
New music (With CD sound effects)
A completely New (Secret) Zone
New Titlescreen

This game plays like Sonic 1 but with the speed of Sonic 2 with CD abilities. Like CD it promotes exploration, collecting stones will reward you and also give you good futures automatically. New special stages in the future. This will not be the final build, however I intend to get it playable and presentable for the contest. Thanks for checking out my entry!.

Note: Hit a lamppost before you timetravel
Press A when you get a emerald
bosses uncomplete
Must be at least peelout speed when hitting a timetravel post
make sure to walk at the SCD ramp at PPZ (GHZ)
Selbi - CD Camera
Natsumi - Beta tester
Dandaman - Beta Tester
SSRG community - Feedback and Suggestions

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic The Hedgehog : Sonic CD Edition (Animemaster)
Filesize: 574.0kb
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