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Sonic the Trollface - Alpha Demo

By LucasMadword

Welcome to Sonic the Trollface, my SHC2015 entry!

Please note: This is an alpha demo. The demo includes GHZ and MZ, and then it will lead to a dead end at SYZ.

Sonic the Trollface is my Sonic the Hedgehog hack. I've been working on it for about a year now, on and off. I started it on a Windows XP Virtual Machine on my iMac, until I finally sorted out my computer. The demo started as a mini hack, where I tried to make the game as difficult as possible by changing mechanics. I'm pleased to say it's nothing like that anymore, and is a lot more forgiving (though you most likely won't be speeding through the stages, unless you are Razor and Zenon - then you will be :P).

The goal of this hack is to provide a fun twist on a tired formula. I won't give away some of the edits, but they are pretty cool. It does make it a bit difficult, but I believe in you! You can win the game! Rather than trying to speed through stages and rack up rings, instead you want to try and speedrun the tricky maneuvers in the stages. You've seen hacks that spam enemies, and this isn't one of them. Difficulty should come in the mechanics, not by having too many dick moves in the levels.

I hope you enjoy, and I am proud to show off my demo, of Sonic the Trollface!

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Sonic the Trollface - Alpha Demo (LucasMadword)
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