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Portal Gun in Sonic 2

By snkenjoi


Aperture Science's Portal Gun finds its way into Sonic 2.

The portals in the game actually affect objects other than sonic - to the extent that you can kill an enemy with its own projectile if you fling it back at it.

I attempted to recreate the portal gun as best I could, but it turns out the sonic engine isn't a huge fan of warping. You can probably break the game in many unimaginable ways, but I think I covered all the major issues.

Many thanks to E-122-Psi who agreed to build this fantastic spritesheet.


A + Direction = Throw a blue portal
C + Direction = Throw an orange portal


E-122-Psi - sonic's spritesheet
flamewing - help with collision detection
iojnekns - portal sprites
FraGag - testing

Screenshots & Videos


Portal Gun in Sonic 2 (snkenjoi)
Filesize: 747.1kb
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