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Sonic Chaos Quest v1.5

By Narcologer

Hi! You may have heard about my Sonic hack called Sonic Chaos Quest. After release of version 1.1 I started to do its full remake. Now I'm glad to present to you Sonic Chaos Quest v1.5. I hope you will enjoy it.
So, what this hack contains?
-4 fully remade zones: Paradise Coast (GHZ), Border Fort (MZ), Dangerous Pit (LZ) and Robotropolis (SYZ) with new music, layouts, graphics and some new chunks.
-3 characters: Sonic, Mighty and Metal Sonic. Sonic can perform spin dash and peel out, Mighty can perform jump dash and double jump, Metal Sonic can only to spin dash but also he can't drown.
-Because 3 characters (and there will be more in future releases!) are too many for title screen I made a simple character select menu.
-A lot of new sprites.
-New Sega logo screen.
-And lots more!

Programming: Narcologer, Vladikcomper, Sonic2010, Esrael
New level art, new chunks and layouts: Narcologer
Sprites: Narcologer, The Spriters Resource, SCAA, Lone Devil
Music: Ivan YO, STD, Nineko

With best wishes
Nick Arcade/Narcologer

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic Chaos Quest v1.5 (Narcologer)
Filesize: 460.2kb
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