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Sonic Generations: Episode Metal

By Joe T.E.

Sonic Generations: Episode Metal is a mod for the PC version of Sonic Generations that lets you play through the game as Metal Sonic. The mod features both the Classic and Modern designs of Metal Sonic in place of the Classic and Modern Sonics, alongside numerous other "features" that aren't fully related to playing as Metal Sonic. The mod comes in both a "Full" Version and a "Lite" Version.

The Mod's "Lite" Version includes:
- A select few custom animations and altered graphical effects for the playable Metal Sonics, and a few altered sound effects/voice clips for Modern Metal Sonic.
- Altered physics inspired by Sonic Adventure 2: Battle's Multiplayer Mode. While they may not have SA2:B's Black Shield, the two Metal Sonics do move a bit faster, reach their top speeds faster, jump higher, and lack a few downsides to their spindashes and boosts (such as Classic no longer spinning in place if not charged enough, or Metal no longer losing the boost when staying in the air for too long.) However, these changes come at the cost of terrible deceleration (making it harder to stop,) less precise control (making precision platforming a bit harder,) longer spin-dash charge times (for Classic,) and a boost gauge that fills up more slowly AND drains faster overall (for Modern.)
- Neo Metal Sonic in place of Super Sonic. Like Super Sonic, the form grants invincibility and much higher jumps, though the speed increase isn't as high, and the form has a higher ring drain than Super Sonic.
- Metal Sonic's SA2:B Downtown Race Snowboard in place of the board in City Escape Act 2 (and one of Rooftop Run's Challenge Acts.)
- High-res In-Stage HUD Assets (plus appropriate Metal Sonic themed icons)
- High-res in-game text in some areas

The Mod's "Full" Version includes all of the "Lite" Version's features, plus the following:
- Eggman Nega (Modern + Classic,) in place of Eggman, Metal Sonic 3.0 (Modern + Classic) in place of the Silver and Metal Sonic Rival Battles, and Shadow Android in place of the Shadow Rival Battle.
- Slightly altered Boss Battle parameters. Most of the boss battles now utilize their Hard Mode attack patterns and the altered object layouts in their normal modes (though with their HP counts from the Normal Modes.) However, the two Metal Sonic 3.0's still use their normal-mod attack patterns due to issues, and Shadow Android only uses the Hard Mode's Ring layout (the trick ramps and meteors are still there.)
- A new "Ring Challenge" mode for Boss Battles, which takes the place of the original game's "Hard Mode" Boss Battles. The Ring Challenges maintain the same difficulty level as the altered normal modes (barring the two Metal Sonic 3.0's, since they actually use their Hard Mode attack patterns in their Ring Challenges,) but are completely devoid of rings (barring the Time Eater, since the 50 you start with and the extras you get when hitting the boss are unable to be removed.) Knowing how to quickly beat each boss while avoiding their attacks is needed to do well in these Ring Challenges (as is knowing how to optimize your boost usage for the Modern Boss Battles, ESPECIALLY against the Nega Dragoon.)
- Fitting music replacements for all 7 Boss Battles (all contained within new sets of .cpk and .csb music archives, since using SonicGMI to replace music causes loading screens to "freeze" a lot.) Additionally, the Music Replacement for the Time Eater only plays during its Ring Challenge (the Time Eater uses its normal theme otherwise.)
- "Metal Skins" for Sonic's 10 Friends (inspired by an hidden feature in Sonic Heroes' Multiplayer modes.)
- Higher-res HUD assets for the HUB World and areas not covered within the "Lite" Version
- Metal Sonic's "car" from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in place of the bobsled when playing through Seaside Hill Act 2.
- A pre-included Save File that lets you play through the game from the beginning without affecting your original Save File(s). If you'd rather have an already completed save file to work with, you can download a separate mod for that at!4cgjgB5A!bNfD6ulqEpCVl474b3gXlFIJj-l6Q7Rgy\\\_TiaGFKTGk

- The PC Version of Sonic Generations is needed, since this mod is not compatible with the Xbox 360, PS3, and 3DS versions of the game.
- SonicGMI is needed to load the mod's content into Sonic Generations. SonicGMI can be found at
- 7-Zip is needed to extract the contents of the 7z archive the mod comes in. 7-Zip can be found at

JoeTE - The main developer of the mod. Worked on all of the mod features, while using tools and files that have been credited below.

DarioFF - Made SonicGlvl, which was used for model importing, material editing, Boss Battle layout edits, etc. Dario also created the gtexml converter that was used to edit certain particle effects, and the BootScript files used to prevent the non-edited "video" cutscenes from playing in the "Full" Version.

MainMemory - Made the Sonic Generations Archive Editor, which was used to create the mod's new ar.0X archives.

hroxx, Link, Kentalin, and ItsEasyActually - Created the Unleashed/Generations .model importing script, which was used to import the pre-existing Generations models that I edited for this mod.

RandomTalkingBush - Ripped the model for Modern Metal Sonic (which I have since heavily edited for this mod.)

figment (from NexusMods) - for making the hkxcmd tool, which was used to import pre-existing animations from Sonic Generations (which I then edited for this mod.)

Blackjax96 (from KC:MM) - Made Brawlbox, which was used to obtain the model for Modern Eggman Nega (which I have since heavily edited for this mod.)

Goshanes@SRK - For making the SFIV Audio Manager, which was used to edit the sound effects and voice clips in this mod.

BoomBoomFP (aka Megamaniscrazy) - The textures for this mod's Shadow Android Rival NPC were originally based on textures from BoomBoomFP's Shadow Generations V5.

Plus the creators of the CSB Packer (used to edit music,) CriFileSystem (used to make the .cpk archives in the "Sounds" Folder,) and SonicGenerTextions (used to make text editing a bit easier.) While I have not been able to locate the names of the creators for these programs, that doesn't give me the right to leave them uncredited.

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Sonic Generations: Episode Metal (Joe T.E.)
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