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Sweet Mountain Act 1

By Skyth

Welcome to the first act of Sweet Mountain for Sonic Generations!

Sweet Mountain was ported to be faithful to Sonic Colors as possible. All the graphical features, layout got ported and improved. If Act 1 isn't enough for you, all the acts (1-2-3-4-5-6) are going to be released in the All in One release!

Skyth - Main developer
Mario Tainaka - Sounds
Joey Law - Breakable Objects
Dario ff - SonicGLvl
Dude - Spline Exporter
Paraxade - UV-Anim script
SKmaric - Colors Original GIA Tutorial
MainMemory - Generations Archive Editor
DaGuAr - Collision Properties tutorial
darkspinessonic35 - Sonic Colors Collision Script
brianuuuSonic - General help
N69vid - Sonic Unleashed Rainbow Rings

If you're going to play the mod, don't forget to read README.txt! Information about the installing is there.

About the candy missile, it doesn't seem to be possible YET. We will try to make it happen!

Screenshots & Videos


Sweet Mountain Act 1 (Skyth)
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