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Sonic Back In Time

By Ladego Team

Hello, I'm EgorTF, a member of Ladego Team and a lead developer of Sonic Back in Time
New adventures awaits you in familiar places, in future, present and the past.
Eggman has arranged a trap for Sonic, a temporary one. Now Sonic has to once again go through the same places, but in different times
after defeating the boss you are carried on where there's even more fun and adventures! Now it's time for Back in Time!
The people who worked on the hack:
EgorTF(Raxor SD) - Lead developer, coding, music, graphics and bosses
VladislavSavvateev - Main programmer
JK.Fox - Music, porting to SMPS
Vladikcomper - coding, some ideas
Nick Arcade (Aka Narcologer) - graphics
Special thanks to:
TheBlad768 - help with bosses
S T D - for some SMPS
Ivan YO - for some SMPS
Nineko - for one SMPS

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Sonic Back In Time (Ladego Team)
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