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Sonic G6 Version 2 (DLC 2.5\SHC2015 Version)

By joshwoakesm

Hack Description:
Sonic G6 version 2 is a sequel and remake of the original version of Sonic G6 under the name "Sonic G6 Lite" a hack of sonic 1 that is speed and difficulty based and takes place at night time setting and if your wondering this hack doesn't really have a story. anyway however the last two releases of Sonic G6 version 2 were not very successful due to rushed beta testing and many bugs and errors, this time this hack has more features and restoration of most deleted beta music and beta elements along with bug fixes.

Game Pause functions:
- Start + C (During Gameplay) = Trigger AutoRun (does not work in special stages and labyrinth zone or any other water level)
- Start + B (During Gameplay) = Reset level (only use if you come across a glitch that prevents progress of the level) (does not work in special stages)
- Start + A (During Gameplay) = Return to Title screen\Exit special stage

Sonic Abilities\Moves:
- Jump Dash = A, B or C + B
- Double Jump = A, B or C + C
- Spindash = Down + A, B or C

Accessible playable Levels\level order:
- Green hill zone (Night Hill zone) Acts 1, 2 and 3
- Marble zone Acts 1, 2 and 3
- Spring Yard zone Acts 1 and 2
- Labyrinth zone Acts 1, 2 and 3
- Star Light Acts 1, 2 and 3
- Final Zone

- (Asm code) - Jump Dash - Selbi
- (Tools) - SonLVL - MainMemory
- (Tools) - Text Generator s1 - Selbi
- (Tools) - Pallet editor - Nineko
- (Asm Code\Image mapping) - Custom background on level select - Gardeguey

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic G6 Version 2 (DLC 2.5\SHC2015 Version) (joshwoakesm)
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