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LSD is bad

By tuvit1997

This hack may not be suitable for epileptics! If you have it or think you may have it, please be cautious when playing this hack!

So, this is a small hack I did some while ago, and it is basically a puzzle. All you do is try to find the goal. As it progresses, the puzzle becomes more difficult and in some places you may have to do things you would not expect to have to do. However, it is beatable and you should not be able to get stuck (but due to some glitches it may be possible unfortunately). Overall, there is not much to say, other than if you are Youtuber, be cautious of copyright strikes on some pieces of music (I personally got strike for boss theme in soundtrack 1 (LSD-is-bad-04.mp3), however the author did not take further actions).

You can also construct your own soundtrack easily! There are 5 themes per soundtrack, in this order:
1: area 1
2: area 2
3: area 3
4: boss
5: ending sequence

You need to rename them in numerical order, for example:
1: LSD-is-bad-26.mp3
2: LSD-is-bad-27.mp3
3: LSD-is-bad-28.mp3
4: LSD-is-bad-29.mp3
5: LSD-is-bad-30.mp3

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LSD is bad (tuvit1997)
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