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Sonic Generations - World Adventure Packs - Spagonia Adventure Pack

By N69 and TiManXD

Hello and thanks for checking out our pack!
Spagonia Adventure Pack is part of our mod series: World Adventures Packs, the biggest and the maximally Unleashed experience.
What do you get by downloading our pack?

- All stages ported from sonic unleashed. They are close as possiblity to the original game
- Full 3D Hub World (+ BONUS)
- Some awesome bugs from SU! Try to speedrun Act 2-2 in 50 sec :P
- No Classic Sonic
- New Sonic Physics
- No ANY SG skills
- No any medals and red rings
- No Werehog ^)
- BONUS!!! Night HUB is included in sepparate mod.
- And SU gimmicks, like JumpSelector and QTE panels.

Included stages
- Act 1-2
- Act 2
- Act 2-2
- Act 3
- Act 4
- Act 5
- Tornado <s>De</s>Fly

1. Extract archive into a mod folder
2. Run Sonic GMI and make sure that the Spagonia Pack mod has a higher priority
3. For Night Hub. Make sure that the SpagoniaNightHUB has a higher priority than Spagonia Pack mod
4. Bonus materials
4.1. For get Hedgehog Engine logo just download file and put into movie folder


Q. Where is Act 1?
A. Act 1 is availiable in Unleashed Project.

Q. In act 2 (2-2) some geometery looks, hm, strange (darkner)
A. There is most knowing bug with this stage. Only way to fix that - report this stage (recreate). Wait a special for this.

Q. Tornado Defence Fly is too borring stage! You can add QTE and enemies?
A. Sorry, no. Ex stage QTE is complitle removed from game. I can add enemies, but only like design element.

Q. How to remove "Unleashed" physics?
A. What do not you like? But, if you want. Del\rename file from bb3 folder

Q. Where is Pickle's lab?
A. Maybe in next versions, maybe.

Q. Why you were removed Skills?
A. Because it's not fit the SU stages.

A. This project is just a sepparate addon with some basics in UP files. But Unleashed Team is not add sub stages in main mod, and some without X360/PS3 wants to play it!
PS. And i have official permission!

Q. I found some bugs/glitches from SU like big map skip in Act 1-2 start. You need a fix that!
A. It's no bugs, it's a features for speedruns! Only liner game is not fun.

Q. Game is freezing in level exiting\restarting.
A. This is CPKredir bug. Delete the Sound folder

Q. Game is crash in Acts.
A. Another CPKredir bug. Move your game IN C:\ harddrive. Or try to delete Sound folder.

-----Who made this Pack?-----
N69 - Main Author, level port, layout design

TiManXD - Minor helping. Help with Camers in act 1-2. Testing. Trailer

brianuuusonic - Beta-Testing. Helping. NoOmochao mod

TwilightZoney - Helping with JumpSeletor. Another helping

MrHelias94 - Helping with 3DS MAX. Some Hints.

Playcore22 - Beta Testing

Arcieo - Beta-Testing

Mario Tainaka - Beta Testing

Dario FF - The father of SG modding. Creator of SonicGlVL. Engine hacking.

Team Unleashed (Dario FF, TwilightZoney, Chimera) - This mod use some parts Unleashed Project

PS. Oh, logo if someone want:

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic Generations - World Adventure Packs - Spagonia Adventure Pack (N69 and TiManXD)
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