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Big's Fishing Derby

By flamewing

No, this is not Sonic Classic Heroes -- it is something different.

After a really long time of people wanting it [citation needed], he is finally here: Big the Cat in a Sonic hack. Fish Froggy out of badnik-infested ponds, or compete against a second player to see who wins. The playground: a selection of 15 levels spanning Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic CD.

This total-transformation hack was originally planned to be a hidden mini-game inside Sonic Classic Heroes (from which this is a heavily modified fork), but I decided to spin it off and foist it into an unsuspecting world. The world fought back, and tried as hard as it could to prevent me from finishing this in time. Nevertheless, after 10 solid days of hacking, here it is! Works best with two players.

The many different powerups can be used either for defense (benefiting you) or for offense (harming the other player); and collecting rings gives you better odds at the better powerups.

Without MarkeyJester's SpritePlotter and MainMemory's GetArt.NET program, this hack would have never been finished in time; to thanks go where it is deserved.

Each level has two different songs that are randomly selected when the level is loading; you can force one song or the other to play by holding A or B while a level is loading. Varion helped me select the alternates songs for each level, so he gets my thanks too.

There is some very nice art for Big being worked on by E-122-Psi, which sadly did not get ready in time. I will be adding in a future release, it is too good not to use.

Now gimme the Big trophy :-p

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Big's Fishing Derby (flamewing)
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