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Sonic 2: The Rise Of Chaos

By ThomasSpeedrunner

Hello there! ThomasSpeedrunner here, bringing you a small but interesting demo of my latest creation. Sonic 2: The Rise of Chaos.
In this short-but-sweet 2-act demo, you'll find that there has been quite a bit of effort put into what little there is. I have ensured that it is virtually flawless, and it is, for the most part.

Features both external and internal include:
- A fully playable Sonic, who has gotten an overhaul both graphics-wise and gameplay-wise.
- The first 2 acts of Frosty Dusk Zone, the first zone of the game, whose art was made from scratch, with White Park Zone Act 1's music making an appearance, as well as a remix of Ice Cap Zone.
- An internal overhaul as well: S3K priority and rings managers, Flamewing's S3K sound driver, and more. The 4-act system from Sonic 1 has been ported as well, though it is not utilized in this demo.
- And of course, a million and three bugfixes.

Controls for Sonic in this demo:
- B/C: Jump. Jump up into the air. This puts you in ball form and lets you destroy enemies.
- Down when moving: Roll. Roll across the ground in ball form, letting you destroy enemies that are immune to jumping.
- Down+A/B/C: Spindash. Roll off at high speeds.
- Up+A/B/C: Super Peel-Out. Run off at a very fast speed if at full charge, but watch it: If you're not fully charged, your speed is canceled.
- Double jump when not near an enemy: Jumpdash. Boost yourself forward with a Modern-Sonic-style jumpdash, but be careful because you can't use it again in the same jump, nor can you use a homing attack after using the jumpdash.
- Double jump when near an enemy: Homing Attack. Shoot towards a nearby enemy with a burst of speed!
- A (when in freefall): Air Roll. Roll into a ball mid-air.
- A (when in a ball): Jump Cancel. Cancels your jump and will bring you out of homing attack mode if currently in it, but will also make you unable to get back into ball form.

Known Problems:
- SEGA Screen Sonic sprite is messed up. This will be fixed in the next demo, trust me.

Thanks to the following people:
- Varion Icaria: White Park Zone Act 1 port + a bunch of other miscellaneous assistance along the way, large and small. Also for giving me the idea for the new name.
- JoenickROS: Fixing up the major problems with the sound driver aside from the pointers.
- Bakayote: Frosty Dusk Zone name idea.
- Everyone else on SSRG and SGD who gave me feedback on my work and helped me in some way.

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Sonic 2: The Rise Of Chaos (ThomasSpeedrunner)
Filesize: 891.6kb
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