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Mystic Cave Classic - Sonic Generations Mod (Release 1)

By JansenM

Welcome to the SHC release of Mystic Cave Classic, a modification for Sonic Generations!

This mod sees the first act of Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 recreated, refreshed and adapted with the intention of matching the play style and graphical fidelity of recent Sonic games. Journey through the familiar location as Classic Sonic, discovering new additions and exploring the alternative takes on visual choices once limited by the capabilities of past hardware.

In order to play this mod, you must have:

-A PC copy of Sonic Generations

-Sonic Generations Mod Installer which can be found here:

-The mod files located in the Downloads section.

Although Mystic Cave began production in September of last year, the majority of progress has been made within the last month after learning of SHC's deadline and figuring I'd be in with a chance. For the past 30 days, work has been made non-stop to get this up to an acceptable standard, however certain elements have been omitted for the time being. Nonetheless, I hope that you all will enjoy it as it is.

Note: this level may perform badly/load incorrectly on lower end computers. The cause of the problem has been fixed but there is a chance it could persist depending on your hardware.

Throughout the process of this mod's creation, many people have contributed towards the overall result and all are very deserving of a mention.

THE MOD: JansenM/ShadowTG (Me)

THE MUSIC: MRsonic699/Tudd

func_Mathias - various object porting/asset location, title card creation, idea contribution and countless other helpful acts. Also hosts the second download mirror.
TwilightZoney - help and advice throughout, partial creation of Sonic model (not present in this release).


And naturally, none of this would have been doable without the tools used and the guys behind the creation of them:

-SonicGLvl by Dario
-Dude's spline exporter

Lastly, remember to stay tuned! In the future this will be receiving a second release which will be longer, more fleshed out and infinitely more interesting! We have a multitude of plans for the future of this project and we hope they will be satisfactory when the time comes.

Below is a short run through of the stage if you're unable to or don't want to play. However, there are other routes to take and fun quirks to discover along the way!

Screenshots & Videos


Mystic Cave Classic - Sonic Generations Mod (Release 1) (JansenM)
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