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Sonic Generations Graphics Overhaul Beta

By Smashnic

Sonic Generations Graphics Overhaul changes how Sonic Generations looks in terms of graphic effects.

This is a mod for Sonic Generations. You will have to use SonicGMI to make this mod work. It is also recommended to use the FxPipeline Renderer as well as the FxPipeline Unleashed Shaders mod by Darioff to make Directional Shadows and Lightshafts visible.

This is a beta version of the mod, some missions are not complete and some minor visual bugs might occur, if so please tell me in the comments.

Here is a list of features of which graphic effects this mod adds.
* Directional Shadows
* Final-Light-Color-Adjustment removed (Objects don't "shine" anymore and lightfields are more visible on objects)
* Lightshafts in SOME stages e.g. Planet Wisp Act 2 Mission 4 or Rooftop Run Act 2 Mission 3
* Deferred Light PS3 (Better Gamma and more detailed lighting. More details on deferred light here: )
* Motion Blur applied to every stage (Some stages didn't have it before)
* Every object casts a shadow now
* Some Lightfield light improvements e.g. in the Egg Dragoon Boss or the Death Egg Robot Boss
* Sonic Unleashed Ring
* Sonic Unleashed Dashring (Only in Modern Stages)

CATION! This mod is incompatible with every Sonic Generations stage mod!

Mod Logo by TimanXD

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Sonic Generations Graphics Overhaul Beta (Smashnic)
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