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Sonic vs. Camera (PoC)

By tuvit1997

So, it is back! :(

Anyways, this is version 2 of this hack, but this time with vast improvements! Camera logic is update; now it actually helps you (just a little bit), pressing C wont make you jump, levels are modified in such a way that they are completable unlike last time (what was I even on back then..?), Game Over is removed, and you will respawn instantly. There is also a huge load of other changes I have forgotten about by now.

For anyone unaware of this hack as of yet, here is quote from description from last year's entry:
"This is PoC I wrote not long time ago. The main idea is that player controls Sonic while other controls camera. Otherwise the game is the same.
You move the camera with D-Pad and stop it by pressing C. If player 2's selection is NONE, will player 1 control both Sonic AND the Camera, adding some extra challenge. If however both choose NONE, nobody will be able to control anything.
Aside from that there is nothing to say, happy game overs I guess."

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Sonic vs. Camera (PoC) (tuvit1997)
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