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Sonic 1 FM

By Team Valley Bell

Did you ever dream of playing the Master System version of Sonic 1 with FM music?

I did in 2011. And I made this hack to make this dream come true.

- FM music using the YM2413 chip (PSG music can be toggled at the title screen by pressing the Pause button)
- sound effects are still using the PSG, so they won't interrupt the music
- a sound driver with many changes, including new commands, less per-channel RAM usage and FM support
- an improved sound format that's about 20-30% smaller (all the additional code and music data fits within the 16 KB ROM bank used by the sound driver)
- many easter eggs (i.e. hidden songs)
- a few bug fixes to existing songs

Project History:
- I remade most of the songs from Sonic 1 in 2011 using the OPLL/YM2413 and released VGMs of them on SMS Power!.
- Although I never finished the whole set, I made a few OPLL remakes in 2012 that I never released. (like Green Hill Zone and the Ending Theme)
- In 2013, Kroc disassembled the Sonic 1 SMS ROM, but required help with sound and music. So I decided to make a disassembly of the sound driver.
- The work on this project effectively began on the 20th July 2014 by writing a small tool that would convert the original sound format to a more optimized one.
- By the 23rd July the sound driver had fully working FM support and could read the new format properly.
- The first FM song, Sky Base Act 2, was finished and compiled into the game on the 22nd July.
- The first easter egg was added on the 24th July.

Thanks to:
- Kroc for the Sonic 1 disassembly. I used it to find places where I could inject code to add all the easter eggs.
- MAME Team for the MESS emulator and its debugger.

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Sonic 1 FM (Team Valley Bell)
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