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Sonic Custom Layout

By Green Snake

Note: When you are reading this, this text may be outdated. Please visit the download page for up-to-date description!

Sonic Custom Layout consists of multiple applications, designed for easily creating, sharing and playing user-made custom levels. The levels users create are not full games however, but certain parts of it; Chunk layout, object layout, level size, start position and resize script. This creates some restrictions, but also allows for a lot smaller filesize for newly created levels. Way the app works, is that you upload your created levels into our server, where others can then download it and play themselves. You can play these entries, by choosing them from the "Play" submenu. The client will automatically combine the level data with the modified Sonic 1 ROM, and open your emulator of choice with the ROM inserted. You also have the ability to compete in highscores, such as quickest completion and biggest score; You can view others' scores, and upload your own. You can read more in-dept about it in the ReadMe documents which come with the client and level creator downloads.

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Sonic Custom Layout (Green Snake)
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