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Crazy the Hedgehog

By Xeta

Crazy the Hedgehog is a hack led by another hacker, Chaoxilla, with support and additional leadership by me, Xeta Hedgehog. Chaoxilla doesn't have an account anywhere, so I'm representing this for him.

Ahem. In this hack, you play as Crazy, a green, teal-liking, and tough hedgehog from another dimension. In said dimension, things are certainly different, while being quite similar at the same time... And, of course, crazy! (Don't worry, this is not a new Sonic 1337.)

Can you collect all of the powerful Dimension Gems and stop the evil Dr. Mechanik, a parallel of the notorious Dr. Eggman?

(Please note that I did not come up with Crazy the Hedgehog; therefore, he is owned by Chaoxilla. Sure, I came up with the name "Dr. Mechanik", but still...)


-New palettes (mainly done by Chaoxilla, though I've tried to make sure they don't look like they've been done by a two year-old)
-New music (a music list will be provided)
-Mega PCM DAC driver, therefore, there are more samples
-Some new art, including the life icon, title card font (credit to JojHeywood for providing the sheet), monitor art, and a few of Crazy's sprites
-A few asm changes; you'll notice when you start running ;)
-Zone names changed
-New layout
-REV01 background effects
-A few other things


-More music
-More new art; especially more new sprites for Crazy; as of now, only a few have been done
-More asm changes (you may see a "Super Crazy" sometime in the future)
-Palettes may be altered some more


Yeah, who doesn't want to know what music is used.

Credit to whoever made or provided the song or whatever will be shown after the song name, while songs converted by me will have (XH) instead.

$81 - Japonesque -- Shinobi III (XH)
$82 - Wacky Workbench (past) -- Sonic CD (Credit to nineko)
$83 - Rusty Ruin -- Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis) (credit to Tweaker)
$84 - Endless Mine -- Sonic 3 (XH)
$85 - Balloon Park -- Sonic 3 (XH)
$86 - Dr. Wily Stage 1 -- Mega Man (NES) (XH)
$87 - Something from SoniNeko -- Now with Go! samples (Credit to nineko)
$88 - Unused -- DAC sample ("Yeah" from Sonic CD) is played instead
$89 - Speed of Sound -- Knuckles' Chaotix (Lame import with the DAC panning to the left, but thanks to MarkeyJester for his Chaotix to SMPS tool, and thanks to Tweaker or Puto, I don't know, for the import used in Sonic - The Lost Land for the drum track and tempo)
$8A - (Until I can find a better song...) Another song from SoniNeko -- Whatever that song for the hidden music screen is
$8B - Credits -- Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (XH)
$8C - Through the Fire -- Sonic and the Black Knight (XH)
$8D - Shadow Master (Final boss, why it's called that I don't understand) -- Shinobi III (XH)
$8E - Stage Entry -- Shadow Dancer (GG or SMS, I forgot) (XH)
$8F - Bulk and Skull -- Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (XH)
$90 - Hey Rita -- Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (XH)
$91 - Ground Zero (Credits) -- Shinobi III (XH)
$92 -
$93 -
$94 - Door into Summer -- Knuckles' Chaotix (Thanks to MarkeyJester for his Chaotix to SMPS tool, and thanks to Tweaker or Puto, I don't know, for the import used in Sonic - The Lost Land for the drum track and PSG references)
$95 - Leaf Forest (Beta) -- Sonic Advance 2 (Thanks to whoever gave out the song, and also to Mikel for requesting it =P)
$96 - Misty Rain (ValleyBell's arrangement) -- Mega Man ZX (Credit to ValleyBell; you're awesome =D)
$97 - Splash Down -- Ristar (Credit to Tweaker, Puto, I don't know)
$98 - Mecha Green Hill/Theme of Zero -- Sonic Chaos/Mega Man Something (Credit to nineko)
$99 - Hidden Village -- The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess (XH)
$9A - Mega Man X5 -- Opening Stage (Credit to nineko)
$9B - Super Sonic Racing -- Sonic R (Credit to ValleyBell)
$9C - Another Part of Me -- Moonwalker (Credit to Tweaker)
$9D - Sky High -- Sonic 2 8-Bit (Credit to nineko)
$9E - Whirlwind -- Shinobi III (XH)
$9F - Neo City -- Shinobi (GG) (XH)


Selbi - For Sonic 1 - Text Code Generator
MainMemory - For SonLVL
Stealth - For SonED2
Probably some others

(Please note that this hack is currently in progress, so expect some things to be incomplete or possibly broken. Later updates will be posted on the Sonic Retro forums, so stay tuned.)

Screenshots & Videos


Crazy the Hedgehog (Xeta)
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