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Robotnik Returns

By Pacguy

This is a new hack by a new hacker. Unlike most noobs, however, I have an obsession with constantly play testing it, so it shouldn't have the barrage of flow breaks, bugs, and dick moves most new hackers plague their hacks with. Any way, here's some info about Robotnik Returns!

Robotnik was getting frantic. Every plan he made seemed to be thwarted effortlessly by the blue hedgehog, and his ideas were getting stupider and stupider by the week. Utterly confused and enraged, he looked back on some of his old files, and realized that his previous ideas were much better than his current schemes! They'd given Sonic a run for his money, and he had just barely escaped Robotnik's seemingly fool-proof plan. Perhaps, if he lured Sonic back to South Island, he could get his old lairs back in working order. Of course, most of the ruins had been torn apart by the test of time and Dr. Eggman's "Modifications". Green Hill Zone was protected by the lingering chaos emerald magic, and spring yard zone had to be left behind. He got lucky, though. Scrap Brain Zone was in working order, and he worked hard to make it as cruel and soul crushing as Sonic could ever imagine...

New music, palettes, artwork, names, and layouts for various zones.
Completely different level order
A new character, activated by pressing B: Sanic Teh Hegehog!
A reimagining of Hidden Palace Zone added the way that Sega intended (currently, its just a shortcut to Scrapped Ruin Zone).
Alterations to the boss arenas
Various bonuses for collecting all six chaos emeralds (start with 10 rings, orbinauts spawn with no rings, S monitors give 50 rings, etc.)
New special stage layouts
A new zone at the SBZ2 twist
And of course, a badly ported spindash XD

I have a lot of future plans for this hack as my skills improve, and I'll take any suggestion/comments/ideas into consideration.


Nineko, for all custom music besides the themes for Lazy Field and Pollutant Plant Zone, which are my own ports, as well as helping with code for Sanic's level layouts.
Xeta (Sonic Retro), for an edit of the theme used for Construction Zone (made by nineko) which uses Sonic 1's default DAC
LooneyDude (SSRG), who gave me some advice for art changes
Professor Neo (SSRG), who helped with the special stage layouts
The Sonic Retro wiki How to section, for lots of coding, and teaching me how to edit raw ASM
The SSRG repository, where I found Nineko's songs
And the Sonic Retro and SSRG forum members, for playtesting and general feedback

Screenshots & Videos


Robotnik Returns (Pacguy)
Filesize: 420.6kb
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