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Sonic Adventure Generations

By Dude

Sonic Adventure Generations is a 7-level expansion pack for the PC version of SEGA's 2011 release, Sonic Generations. Currently 4 out of the final 7 are finished. The mod also includes minor changes to the gameplay in an effort to make it play more like an exploration platformer than a straight-to-the-finish platformer. Each of the levels is a Generations-style recreation of a stage from either Sonic Adventure or Sonic Adventure 2. This is also our first release to include a Sonic Adventure 2 demo, officially expanding the project's domain to the entire Adventure era. Yes, this was planned from the start. No I didn't tell you all. Yes I know I'm a tease =]

- Changes and Level Descriptions -
Emerald Coast Modern:
Emerald Coast modern has been given new GIA (it might slow down on your machine - sorry!), as well as light field and some major camera adjustments. The grass tunnel is now no longer a pain to navigate through.

Emerald Coast Classic:
EC classic has had many camera changes. Red Medals were added as well (you might have to do some save file manipulation though)

Mystic Ruins:
Mystic Ruins has some collision glitches fixed, and a few player-friendly improvements were added, after watching several LP's and walkthroughs. I also fixed some of the blue GIA lighting, and tried to make the pop-in less noticable. Not much has changed here.

Windy Valley:
Windy Valley been given camera updates, as well as some playability things like lockout timers on springs and dash panels. This is the only level in the mod that is a port instead of a recreation. The original stage geometry comes from the Sonic Adventure AutoDemo. This was done so that people could experience the level inside of a Sonic Game (At the time, the windy valley restoration mod for SADX did not exist). A vastly improved version of this stage (running in it's original engine) is available here:

In the future, I may throw this version of the stage away and make a brand new one, now that the SADX WV Beta restoration project is finished and public. It depends on how much free time I get.

Pyramid Cave:
Brand new for 2014, Pyramid Cave has been added to the list of levels, which officially brings our first Sonic Adventure 2 stage to the mod! This level plays much more like the original Generations stages, and as a result it is a much smaller, but much more refined experience than Emerald Coast or Mystic Ruins.

Some of the issues with FXPipeline have been fixed by Melpontro. They have not been tested by anyone else.

Many of you will be glad to know that Modern Sonic's boost drain has been slowed down a little bit (from the first release). It still isn't anywhere near the original game's level but you *can* boost for very long stretches if you keep one principle in mind: Get the rings! There are rings practically everywhere, and in large clusters. You can boost continuously as long as you get rings.

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