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STH2006 Project Demo 3

By brianuuu

This is an unofficial project which imports all of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) main stages from Xbox360/PS3 version into Sonic Generations on PC. This project aims to port the stages as similar to the original game as possible, like gimmicks, object placement etc.. It also includes changes which accommodate to the total different physics and controls in Sonic Generations.

*Seven STH2006 Stages port from the original game, with custom object placements (over 1500 each stage!), also with recreation similar gimmicks from STH2006, layout improvements
The stages in Demo 3 are Prelude Stage, Wave Ocean, Dusty Desert, White Acropolis, Crisis City, Flame Core and Radical Train
*Two Boss fight which has geometry editing and texture edits! Silver and Iblis Boss fight!
*Two new HUB worlds, combination of Soleanna New City, Town and Forest, and also Distortion World!
*Original Sonic quotes from STH2006 replaced Omochao.
*Story Sequence hacking which you can watch STH2006 cutscenes when you play along the demo (they are skippable don't worry)
*Red Rings = Silver Medal which are collectible in all stages too, they can earn you skills just like the original game.
*FxPipeline renderer included with the mod, enable it in SonicGMI to have nicer graphical effects.
*Time to get S-rank has been edited, the time isn't the same as original Sonic Generations.

This mod is compatible with other character mods, especially 2006 Ultimate Pack by me too, this demo supports 2006 Ultimate Pack v3.0 or above.
Just to make sure if you want to use 2006 Ultimate Pack you MUST put it higher priority in SonicGMI.
The latest version of 2006 Ultimate Pack can be downloaded at the release video too.
Or here, version 3.5:

When developing the mod we also experience a lot of difficulties just like all other Sonic Generations Project mods, believe us that layout edits are NOT that easy, we had to pay a lot of effort and do our best to make this mod as close to STH2006 as possible, but we promise the longer we work, the better we can make. Just see how Wave Ocean has improved since last year. Our door of giving suggestions is wide open, feel free to give feedbacks to us, we appreciate a lot.

We, STH2006 Project Team hope you can enjoy this demo!

Make sure to read the README for more detail and how to extract properly.

Refer to our ModDB page for more information and updates.

brianuuu (brianuuuSonic)-Main Mod developer, All stages terrain,splines,layout fixes, Homochao editing
joeylaw123-Main Mod developer, Stage Tester, Creator of Flame Core, White Acropolis, Tropical Jungle, Dusty Desert Part 1,Radical Train Part 1, HUB world 2, Recorded Videos Helping
samothethief-Creator of SonicGlvl
Dude-Spline Exporter
NeKit-Advanced Game Hacking, STH06 Cutscene importing
YellowThunder1712-Skybox Tutorial
TailsMilesPrower888-Camera Fixing in HUB World, Silver Boss New Arena
TiManXD-STH2006 Object Importing, UV-anim creating, Mod logo
BoomBoomFP-E123-Omega replace Vector model
Paraxade0-Breakable Objects, uv-anim helping
Gorila5 (DaGuAr)-Correct UV mapping import, GIA advices
Unleashed Project-Ranking System, Animation Testing
Daku Neko (darkcatmax)-STH06 Robots rigging, STH06 Item Box rigging
TGE (thegameexplorer)-STH06 Robots rigging, Loading Screen Picture, Dusty Desert Vertex Fixing
sobatsuyu100-Stage Beta Testing
Mefiresu-CSB Tool for ripping STH06 sound effects
Arcieo-lua script converting
Sonicthefan12 (Fanic)-ITS NO USE Mod (Silver battle)
UltimateDarkman-Mephlies Animation, Enemies Shaders Fixing
SonicJGB-Recorded Videos Helping, STH06 Cutscenes Record
Playcore22-Beta Testing
sonichero2491-Rainbow Ring score text
Double S 124-Beta Testing
JohnTB-Beta Testing

Screenshots & Videos


STH2006 Project Demo 3 (brianuuu)
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