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Sonic 2 Omochao Edition (Early WIP)

By Team Cinossu

"Hi, I'm Omochao! I've returned to help guide you as you play!"
It's back, and it's worse than ever. Oh god why did I begin making this..

You all know the score by now; Omochao is here to "help" you, and let you know when you've done something, just to make sure. You got a ring? He'll tell you. You hit a monitor? He'll let you know. You got hit by a badnik? You'll be informed. The entire game freezes as he "tells" you, along with that jingle we all know and love. Every time he tells you something new this jingle gets longer, meaning you have to wait longer until you can continue playing. The big gotcha, of course, is that the timer is still going while this is happening. The time over has been extended to 30 minutes, but in some cases it is still not enough, unless you plan your routes meticulously well.

As an added difficulty this time around, Tails gets his own Omochao too! How lucky for him! Be careful, as when Tails goes off from the same path as you (as he inevitably will), every action of his can freeze up your game too. Tails got a ring? His Omochao will tell you. Tails got hit by a badnik? You'll know all about it.

Things aren't all bad, however. There are the occasional "Omochao-free" zones laying about, making it so you can do whatever you want until the end. You are ranked in levels by how many Omochao messages you got during it, and if you rank Bronze or better (Ranks go from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and all the way to Platinum for the best of the best) you also get a special "Omochao-free" shield, useable in both Special Stages and Boss Battles. Be careful not to get hit with this shield, however, as it's straight back to being notified if you do.

Oh, and 2-player mode will be a thing, too. Yup.

This is being kept as partial-private right now as it's a very, very early build. Omochao is in and the freezes and jingle are in too, along with most triggers, but there is no text on the dropdowns, no overworld to choose your level, no Omochao-free zones set up, no ranking system.. just the bare bones. We'lll have to see about when I release this, as it's also a chore to work on it, finding out optimum routes and such(!)

Enjoy, I guess..?

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