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Sonic 1 - Hard Bosses Hack - First Public Release

By HackGame

All the bosses are hard. But not all of them are finished.

I can't edit the order.
Then the boss battle start.

New and Hard Features:
Palette Changed
Music Modified Changed (Sound Test: 81, 8A)
Green Hill Zone and Marble Zone Boss is Changed Only!
No Rings, Only one Super Ring Monitor on each Level.
All Robotnik Monitors
Hud and Life Counter Updated
Nothing new on Sonic.
New Improved Level Select
Sonic 2 Boss Music on Marble Zone - Boss

Inspired by: TheBlad768 from the SSRG.
Based On: Sonic 3 and Knuckles: Hard Bosses Hack 2

Created Only:

The boss battle starts at the end of Act 3.
Marble Zone Boss isn't hard, because somebody wanted me to add another boss.

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Sonic 1 - Hard Bosses Hack - First Public Release (HackGame)
Filesize: 383.0kb
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