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Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Pro Survivor

By NeoFusionBox

Hello everyone, welcome to my Sonic Hacking Contest entry! It's a please for me to present to you a demo version of: Sonic 3 & Knuckles Pro Survivor

In this version there will be 3 levels available to play: Angel Island (both acts), Hydrocity (Act 1) and Ice Cap (Act 1).

Electroball: For helping me with somes things and for porting the ROM to a disassembly. I'm really grateful.
SonicVaan: For betatesting this hack, fixing glitches and bugs in the game and also removing unneccessary data for this demo.
Varion Icaria: For collaborating to help with the files, pointing out errors and giving some solutions for fixes.
DiscoTheBat: An amazing person who supported the project from the early beginning. Big thanks!
Editchris: For the beta test and for the great support. Special thanks to him.
Bakayote: For making a really cool banner for the title screen. Special thanks to him.
Hcktrox: He's given me great suggestions about palettes and betatested the game a bit. I'm so grateful with him help!
Shockwave: By supporting the hack with your great reviews and suggestions, betatesting and much more. I'm very grateful... ;)
TheBlad768: The great person who helped me in almost everything in the beginning of my hack, helping with some codes, asm, fixing various bugs, etc. I am extremely grateful! :D
JoenickROS: The guy who's has helped me too, with beta testing, reporting me a lot of things: glitches, bugs, on what I should do and what I shouldn't and also giving some tips and good ideas. Thanks a lot to him!

Overall, I also have to thank the members of SSRG and SGD, thanks for your advice, suggestions, criticisms and comments. I am eternally grateful.
Now below you will see 4 images and 1 video of the hack, and of course download. Enjoy the hack and have a good game!

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Pro Survivor (NeoFusionBox)
Filesize: 1,701.5kb
Click here to download