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Sonic the Very Useful Engine


Todo: make this better

Better Steam yourself before trying this one out.
This hack features a Very Useful Engine, along with that,
there's some "minor" asthetical changes here and there to make the experience through this coal stuffed hack more enjoyable.

Although I would love to give a more detailed description, the only way to feel the diference is by playing it yourself.
Enjoy the Railway on a new and Very Usefull Engine!

Jokes asside, this is what happens when you take an inside joke and turn it into a sonic hack.
Leave your complaints about IQ loss to Lucha Yo, you can tune in on [/shamelessplug].
Although Unfinished, there is a "sort of New Game Plus" in the making, it can be accessed by holding buttons after inserting a familiar code. So far there are 4 small changes to it, but its planned to have even more in it.

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Sonic the Very Useful Engine (VAdaPEGA)
Filesize: 398.4kb
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