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SADX AutoDemo Levels

By X-Hax

The AutoDemo version of Sonic Adventure is a promotional tool meant to help show off the game. Thankfully, it contained a huge amount of content, far more than it shows when being used. Our goal with this project is to restore as many of the stages from this version of the game as possible. It includes never-before-seen test levels, a different version of Speed Highway's "At Dawn", different versions of nearly all the stages (Final Egg, Station Square, Casinopolis, etc.). This version even included the long-lost Windy Valley, although only partially.

For the moment though, here's the stages we've managed to convert so far:
- The test stages have been ported (about 90% complete. The other 10% probably can't happen, so we might as well call it 100%)
- Speed Highway's At Dawn (about 45% complete. The camera needs to be done, and texturing errors fixed)
- Windy Valley (Complete! This level got a massive overhaul, since the AutoDemo version didn't even load. We dug deep into our level design skills to complete this. It was only a little bit more complete than the long lost Hidden Palace!)

More stages are coming... eventually.

To play this, you will need to install the latest version of the SADX Mod Loader:

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SADX AutoDemo Levels (X-Hax)
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