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Sonic: South Island Warped - GHZ Demo

By Shockwave

Sonic: South Island Warped is a currently in progress hack of Sonic the Hedgehog. It's main point of interest is the return of the time travel mechanic from Sonic CD, along with a few other new features added to set it apart from the original Sonic 1.

Zones are split into four acts each; three main acts and and a boss act at the end. Sonic is capable of traveling to the past or the future of the zone he's currently in via the signposts hidden in each of the levels. Each act, sans act four, has a robot generator that, when destroyed in the past, will remove all badniks for the rest of the act and also create a good future for that act. Destroying all three generators for a zone will remove Eggman's influence in the fourth act, which always takes place in the future.

Time Stones also return, collectible alongside the Chaos Emeralds. One Time Stone will be hidden in each zone, and it will only be obtainable within the future of that zone. If attempting to retrieve the Time Stone in the bad future, Sonic will have to face off with one of Eggman's machines. If in the good future, the Time Stone will be unguarded and ready to be collected.

The fourth act of a zone contains no generators, Time Stones, or signposts, only a boss fight against either Eggman or Metal Sonic. The Chaos Emeralds will be obtained during these boss fights, usually right after the boss is defeated, but you may also be able to reach it before the boss does, preventing it from making the fight more difficult.

As of now, this is just a demo of GHZ, which even on it's own is still in need of much work. Honestly there's a lot I couldn't get around to doing just yet, but I still wanted to give everyone a sample of what I'm making. More than anything, I just hope you all enjoy what you play. Everything in this is release was done by me with the exception of the sound driver and the one original song port done for this hack. Both of those were by Varion Icaria who I can't thank enough for helping out. Also have to give a thanks to the many users of both Sonic Retro and SSRG who made all of the informative guides and tutorials hosted on both sites.

Current features:
- Updated sprite set for Sonic
- Elemental shields
- Sonic's move set improved from Sonic 1 including:
--- The Super Peel-Out (Up + C)
--- The Sonic CD style Spindash (Down + C)
--- Shield moves (C in the air): dash with the fire shield, double jump with the lightning shield, bounce with the bubble shield, jump dash/homing attack with the standard shield, and
Insta-shield with no shield
--- Re-curling (B in the air)
--- Roll jumping from Sonic CD: Sonic's horizontal movement no longer locks whenever you jump while already in ball form
--- Super Sonic (A in the air): usable once either the full set of Chaos Emeralds or Time Stones has been obtained (since this is a one zone demo, only one will be required to transform)
--- Extra unlockable that can be used once all Chaos Emeralds and Time Stones have been obtained
- Time travel signposts functioning like the starposts in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3
- New art for the zones; different art for each time period
- Brand new level layouts
- Sonic CD badniks, complete with flower power
- New bosses

Planned features:
- Mighty playable, and maybe Tails and Knuckles later on
- New music
- Unique layout elements for different time periods

Current issues:
- No new art for GHZ's good future
- New GHZ artwork is unfinished
- Sonic's new sprite set is incomplete
- Backgrounds sometimes become messed up when respawning in certain areas after time traveling
- Objects reset when leaving and then traveling back to a time period

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Sonic: South Island Warped - GHZ Demo (Shockwave)
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