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BakaSonic SHC '14 Demo

By Bakayote & Varion Icaria

BakaSonic (バカソニック) is a ROM hack, of Sonic The Hedgehog for the Mega Drive, that Bakayote has been working on since February of 2014.

Started by Bakayote as practice for hacking and was a prank at one point, BakaSonic has been evolving since it's creation and will continue to evolve into a full hack. This is the SHC '14 contest 1 zone demo to show what has been done so far in Moonlight Stronghold Zone. A lot of work and effort was made into making this hack, So please play and enjoy!

This hack contains many secrets to find. Can you find them all?
And Sonic has a new Rival this time around. Can you guess who it is?


Varion Icaria was a very big help in fixing code, importing art, creating music, and even importing a custom version of Flamewing's SK sound driver, among other things. Without him, this hack would haven't been as good as it is.



-Project Leader- Bakayote
-Main Coding/Programming- Varion Icaria, Bakayote

-Speedcap Removal- Tweaker/Puto
-Different Music Per Act- PsychoSk8r
-Different Palettes Per Act- Nineko

-Music & Music Porting - Varion Icaria, Bakayote
-Game Art- Bakayote
-Layouts- Bakayote
-Betatesters- Electroball, JoenickROS, SonicVaan, ThomasSpeedrunner
-Special Thanks- JoenickROS, Varion Icaria, SuperEgg, Larry Davis
-Dedicated to- DiscoTheBat

-Original Game- Sonic Team, Sega ©1991


"Cheers!" ~Bakayote

Screenshots & Videos


BakaSonic SHC '14 Demo (Bakayote & Varion Icaria)
Filesize: 490.8kb
Click here to download