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Sonic 1 - Gotta go Fast Edition


Ever felt like you could play Sonic 1 as the Fastest Thing Alive?
Now you can, but you will need Rings or you'll fall behind a Slow-mo.

-- Main Gimmick --

You start off slow as a hedgehog (yes, I just went there), you'll harness the Power of Speed every time you collect a Ring.
Be carefull however, as you might go a bit too Fast for your own good.

If you get hit, not only will you loose all your Rings, you'll also loose your Fast.
This can make certain sections or zones (Marble zone) dificult since you can't just take a hit and get out.

Speed shoes dont run out, in fact, they have a diferent function now. They max out your Acceleration and Deceleration.
Along that, it adds a small amount of speed.

-- In special stages --

The "Up" and "Down" Circles now have a new limit in Speed, depending on the situation you're in, this can either be usefull or bothersome.

A new Circle was added called "Balance", it will reset back to the normal turning speed, and again its usefulness depends on what situation you find yourself in.

Don't think you can just stick around with the slowest speed, there is a Time Limit so make your time there worth it

-- Other Changes --

Due to how slow Sonic walks when he has no rings, 3 rings have been added on the last lamp post for every 3rd act (except Scrab Brain Zone) to make the bosses more fair (and to avoid tedious backtracking).
In Labirinth Zone act 3, the Schield monitor just before the boss was altered to a Rings monitor for the same reason. Trust me, you'll need them.

Thats about it...or is it?
Guess you have to find out yourself...

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Sonic 1 - Gotta go Fast Edition (VAdaPEGA)
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