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SADX Ghost Mod

By MainMemory

This mod requires the SADX Mod Loader. To install it, go here:

This mod records and plays back "ghosts" of your best times in every Action Stage, Sand Hill and Twinkle Circuit, allowing you to race against yourself for the fastest time.
The first time you play a stage with the mod, no ghost will appear, and upon completing a stage your time will be displayed in the upper left of the screen (differs slightly from the game's timer).
After that, a flickering image of your character will appear in the stage, mimicking your movements from the previous run. Upon completion, your time, the ghost's time, and the difference between the two will be displayed onscreen. If your time is faster than the ghost's, then the current run will be saved as the new ghost to beat, otherwise the previous ghost will remain.
Note that because Emerald locations are randomized, you cannot accurately race a ghost as Knuckles, but the time comparison will still work.

For those of you that are interested in trading ghosts, the recordings are stored in the savedata\ghost folder as .gst files named with a stage number and character identifier as seen on this page:

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SADX Ghost Mod (MainMemory)
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