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Sonic 1: Stardust Gear Edition

By stargear

A WIP hack of Sonic 1 with these features:
- Dynamic Palettes.
- Dynamic Music.
- Musical Modification.
- Act 4s.
- Changed Level Layout.

- Sky Shores: Just like green Hill, but placed in the sky.
- Dark Dungeon: A damn version of Marble Zone.
- Bouncy Blast: A big pinball street with dangers and rollercoasters.
- Tidal Tank: A large mechanical maze of water.
- Speedy Street: A very fast city with neon and carnival.
- Eggman Engine: The secret electric device of eggman.

Technical Info:
The hack is using the Sonic 1 GitHub disassembly.
The level layout is made using SonLVL and some private .NET utilities (maybe posted on SSRG).
The disassemblies edited in Notepad++.
SMPS ported using SMPS Converter and SMPS Extractor of the excellent guy ValleyBell.

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic 1: Stardust Gear Edition (stargear)
Filesize: 405.5kb
Click here to download