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Sonic the Hedgehog: Egg on Toast Edition

By Team Cinossu

What happens when an injoke grows into something bigger? Well, this hack is a good example of whatever that is!

Welcome to Egg on Toast Edition, where Rings have been replaced with Toast, and Chaos Emeralds are now Chaos Toasters. Why, I hear you ask? Well, why not! What started as a small injoke in a MegaGWolf stream (long story short, Egg on Toast in Cooking Mama is the hardest thing ever, and thus required it becoming a subscriber emoticon. That, inevitably, turned into this ROM hack) grew into this, with custom intro screens, changed artwork, and various other bits and pieces as well.

What happens once you collect all of the Chaos Toasters? Why, you'll have to find out for yourself! What happens to the ending once you have them all? Again, wait and see! What I will say, however, is that doing so unlocks New Game+, a harder version of the game in terms of Special Stages. No more Toast, and everything has gone Sonic 3 & Knuckles mode; walls slowly turn into goals, bumpers bounce more, nowhere is safe! And what are these Super Eggs..? I wonder what'd happen if you collect all 7..

For those of you that get there, there are some fun things that happen on the Good Endings, both in the sequence itself and the very end screen. Again, I won't spoil, but I wouldn't miss them either.

This ROM hack was most certainly good fun to make. Yes, it's one big injoke and references to all things MegaGWolf stream, but if you enjoy nonsense then this is definitely a ROM hack for you.

As always, enjoy!


What? You want access to all the fun things right away? Oh, alright then. But at least give it a go yourself first(!)

Level Select is the same as always; Up Down Left Right A+Start. However, this also unlocks New Game+ automatically. A+Start needs to be done on whichever mode you want, New Game or New Game+, and the Level Select background will tell you what mode you're in (red for New Game, blue for New Game+).

Debug is the same as well, Up C Down C Left C Right C A+Start.

Playing 13 on the Sound Test (Emerald Get) will give you all Shinies of that mode, be they the Chaos Toasters or Super Eggs.
Playing 9E will take you to the Bad Ending automatically, while playing 9F will take you to the Good Ending.

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Sonic the Hedgehog: Egg on Toast Edition (Team Cinossu)
Filesize: 843.7kb
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