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Classic Sonic in Sonic 4 - Episode 2

By Dario FF

Replaces the model and animations of Modern Sonic with a new re-adapted model of Classic Sonic from Sonic Generations. This mod is only for the PC version of "Sonic The Hedgehog 4 - Episode 2".

The mod also includes:
- Classic Super Sonic, rigged by JoeTE.
- Classic Tails model, rigged and adapted to Sonic 4 - Episode 2 by JoeTE.
- Special Stage music replacement by Falk.

Known Issues:
- Minor 1-frame glitches in some animations
- Game speed might change depending on the resolution selected. This is apparently just a bug in the regular S4E2 caused by some update since its release, but some people might think it's related to the mod. Just change to another resolution and it should work fine.
- Cutscenes have buggy animations, due to needing a lot of replacements/custom animations. Since the focus is on gameplay for the first release, those animations have been left intact for now.

Dario ff - Main developer, tool development for importing custom models and animations into the ZNO/ZNM format.
TwilightZoney - Several custom animations for Classic Sonic.
JoeTE - Classic Super Sonic rigged to regular Classic Sonic, Classic Tails model rigged to Modern Tails of Sonic 4 - Episode 2.

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Classic Sonic in Sonic 4 - Episode 2 (Dario FF)
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