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Sonic 3: D.A. Garden Edition

By D.A. Garden

To create a Sonic 3 and Knuckles hack that has all new level layouts from start to finish...

The completion of this rom hack has been my main goal within the Sonic hacking community since starting it in July 2009. My initial task was to create a rom hack of Sonic 3 and Knuckles that has all new level layouts from start to finish. In total, that's 13 Zones of new layouts - 23 unique acts of game-play that would also provide a re-playability incentive.

Unfortunately, as evidenced by the status of the project in this contest, it's still not finished and due to the nature of my work ethic towards the project, detailing a percentage is out of the question, but it is definitely progressing.

I am more than happy to show progress so far in the form of screenshots and videos though (please see below) and I hope the progress I have made so far on this project peaks the interest of some of you.

Don't worry, it will be completed... eventually.

All media (screenshots and videos) are of an in progress build and as such may be subject to change at any time.

Previous Sonic Hacking Contest Awards
Tenth Annual Sonic Hacking Contest (2012) - Green Hill Trophy Winner - Hack that plays most like a Sonic game.
Ninth Annual Sonic Hacking Contest (2011) - Lava Reef Trophy Winner - Best level layout in a hack.

Screenshots & Videos


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